Rihanna: the pregnant singer, she made a very remarkable exit

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Rihanna has once again caused a stir recently. Pregnant with her second child, the singer's outfit was chic, but relaxed.

  Rihanna: the pregnant singer, she made a very remarkable exit

It was his first public appearance after his superb performance at the Super Bowl. Proud to wear life, Rihanna displayed her baby bump . The one who is in a relationship with rapper ASAP Rocky also gave a fashion lesson by sporting an outfit that was both chic and casual in Santa Monica. We take stock in this article.

Rihanna stunning in a fur coat

This February 13, 2023, Rihanna was particularly illustrated during her show at the Super Bowl. Indeed, despite a well-rounded belly, the interpreter of “Umbrella” gave us a memorable performance .

For the occasion, the international star was dressed in a red latex catsuit of the Loewe brand. It should also be noted that the outfit revealed the large rounded belly of the one who gave birth to a son in May 2022.

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Still, after that, Rihanna made another noteworthy exit . This happened in particular on February 17, 2023. The paparazzi were able to photograph her leaving the restaurant at Giorgio Baldi's in Santa Monica.

As usual, the American singer was very elegant . Like what, the one we nicknamed Riri remains sexy despite her baby bump! By way of outfit, Rihanna opted for a brown fur coat .

She paired it with a graphic tee and gray jeans with black patterns . To harmonize everything, ASAP Rocky's companion put on black sneakers. Brief, a chic yet casual look !

'One of the scariest responsibilities'

As Rihanna finds success in her professional life, she is also fulfilled in housekeeping . As a reminder, the one who was born in Barbados has been dating rapper ASAP Rocky since 2020.

The two were also on the cover of Vogue. And in a recent interview, Drake's ex revealed that she was still unaware of the existence of the pregnancy during photo shoots with the magazine.

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In the same interview, Riri revealed that she was seeing ASAP Rocky, her lover, as his 'best friend' . The mother of a little boy also talked about her motherhood . Thus, she would be a fulfilled mother.

'That's it, you really don't remember your life before, it's the craziest thing ever,' Rihanna said.

Despite this, the singer acknowledges that the first few months were not easy . They were even real roller coasters. Rihanna even called giving birth a 'headache.'

From, the interpreter of 'Man down' has matured . She admits that being a mother made her mature. Not to mention education. So, like many new parents, she was scared to the point of labeling education as one of the “scariest” responsibilities of his life .

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“Raising a young black man is one of the scariest responsibilities in life… You think to yourself, ‘What am I going to leave for my children? Is this the planet they are going to live on?’ Everything changes when you have a baby,” Rihanna explained.

note that the artist rejoices also that her man, ASAP Rocky, was able to forge a strong bond with their son .

Rihanna at the Super Bowl: Internet users disappointed

After seven years of absence from the music scene, Rihanna returns to the Super Bowl on February 13 . Even pregnant, the singer gave it all in a 15 minute performance . And the least we can say, is that she has lost none of her vocal power .

In his setlist, we could listen to his electro titles like 'Where Have You Been' and 'We Found Love', but also his more urban titles like 'Rude Boy', 'Pour It Up', 'All of the Lights' et « Run This Town ».

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Despite a good performance, some Internet users still raged about the show . They regret Rihanna's Super Bowl gig be so sober and so lacking in ambition .

Here is a sample of comments which we can read on Twitter:

“The show was mid. He didn't dazzle me, I'm sorry. I expected SO much more… I'm disappointed”, “Is it me or was it disappointing Rihanna? », « My sister 7 years of waiting for a flat show », « Not hard-hitting », « Luckily I didn’t stay up for that »

Like what, we never satisfy everyone!

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