Road safety: the most effective speed cameras on the roads

modified: 2023-02-24 15:03:02

The key element of road safety in France are road radars. Which of the different types of speed cameras is the most active?

  Road safety

One of the main objectives of the state is the maintenance of order . To accomplish this mission, the State has the personal and legal means. With regard to legal means, there are punitive texts and preventive texts . Road safety rules is one of the preventive measures .

As the name suggests, these measures are intended to protect against possible disturbances or damage . For road safety, the objective is to avoid possible accidents. To accomplish this, different types of speed cameras are placed everywhere in France to control vehicle speeds . Which of these devices perform the best?

What is road safety?

Road safety is all the measures taken by the government to protect road users . To protect them from what? Road safety aims to prevent road users from being killed or seriously injured in road accidents. At least, if it ever happens, that consequences are mitigated .

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For information, here are the main road users :

  • Pedestrians,
  • The cyclists,
  • motorists and their passengers,
  • truck drivers,
  • Passengers on public road transport (mainly coaches, buses and trams).

The main road safety text is of course the rules of the road . In France, the most popular element for promoting road safety is respecting speed limits . To ensure this speed control, everywhere in France, several categories of road cameras are placed . Which of these speed control devices are the most effective?

Here are the most effective road checks in France

The ranking that we are going to present to you today comes from the annual report for 2022 made by Auto Plus website . Without making you wait any longer, in terms of road safety, here are the road cameras that caught the most motorists .

1. Autoname Radar

This type of road radar holds first place in the ranking . Of the 280 construction radars in service since 2021, they have crackled 3.9 million times. That's a flash count of 14,000 times per device. Note that this type of radar is placed in secure route zones or in low-speed zones .

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The advantage with this type of radar is, as its name suggests, he is autonomous . Indeed, it works on battery with at least five days of autonomy. Its number of flashes will definitely increase , because according to an article by RTL , published on February 19, 2023:

“The number of autonomous radars will be increased to 600 at the end of 2023.”

2. Fixed cabins

This is a true ancestor of road safety. Commonly called “old gray boxes”, this radar has stood the test of time. Its strong point is its ability to flash in both directions of traffic . She holds second place with 7,700 flashes afterwards. Small concern, this device is starting to become scarce, there are only about 900 survivors left in France .

3. Radar turret

According to Auto Plus, this “ultra-sophisticated” radar disappoints. Nevertheless, it holds third place with 5,600 motorists flashed by radar . Its advantage is that they are very easy to spot.

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4. Radar section

Compared to the year 2020, this radar in the service of social security has been a hit. She is fourth in the ranking with 5,000 speed camera flashes . This figure is twice as large as the year 2020. The number of flashes will certainly increase, because soon a new version of its radars will be in circulation . These are multi-section radars.

5. Radar discriminant

Before a number of motorists flashed to 4,400 , this radar, which is a key element of road safety, holds fifth place. However, in tien clarified that this device has not yet revealed their full potential. According to the website Auto More published on January 12, 2033:

“The latest versions, double-sided, with invisible flash and 3D lidar speed control, should skyrocket their stats. »

6. Radar car

Of the 430 radar cars circulating in France, there are 1.46 million. That earned him sixth place with an average of 3,400 flashes per car . Half of these radar cars are driven by private drivers.

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Now you know what we mean by road safety and the role of radar in this concept. Remember that breaking the speed limit is over 50 km/h is liable to a fine which would rise to 1500 euros . Repeat offenders even risk imprisonment.

Source : Rtl