Ronnie Ortiz-Magro’s GF Defends Him After Domestic Violence Arrest – And Ex Jenn Harley Has OPINIONS!

Oof, a currently untidy circumstance simply got a lot messier …

In case you missed out on the news recently, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro was apprehended yet once again for domestic violence– while he was still on probation for the last time.

This was, obviously, not with ex Jenn Harley who remained in Las Vegas at the time and needed to drive to Los Angeles to get their child Ariana Sky No, this time it was something that occurred with Ronnie’s brand-new sweetheart, Saffire Matos

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Just weeks after the Jersey Shore star proclaimed his love for the female who made him “the happiest” he ‘d been “in a long period of time,” he was being charged with abusing her?? Oof.

Now we’re lastly speaking with all celebrations included, as Ronnie required to Instagram Stories on Monday, not to say sorry– vice versa– however rather to call out everybody who didn’t connect to him to inform him they were on his side. You understand, after he was being charged with domestic abuse once again He composed:

” I am grateful for all my genuine buddies! … I take all experiences as lessons. When your down and out and than you see who does not

, you discover who truly cares about you! I think they call it the weeding procedure. Thank you to my genuine buddies who have not left my side and have not betrayed me!”

Hey, at least when he’s being passive aggressive, he isn’t being really aggressive?

The unexpected thing was not what made us wish to scream RAWWWWWN! STAAAAP! No, that originated from Saffire herself. The 29-year-old required to her own IG Story to compose:

” Ronnie and I are great there is a great deal of misinforming info drifting around out there. With any person who connected with issue I value it with all my heart, however whatever that’s being represented out there are not truths. I do not believe it’s reasonable that individuals are utilizing incorrect allegations to get attention.”

” False allegations”? Um … he was apprehended. Due to the fact that of reports, that does not occur. She continued: ” Please leave Ron and I alone. You do not understand what somebody is going through at the end of the day. Do not think whatever you check out or hear online. I ‘d value personal privacy please. Thanks for all your assistance.” What is she speaking about? He


charged with domestic violence? We simply do not understand him like she does? Hmm …

If this is sounding regretfully familiar to any of you, y’ all aren’t alone. Even Ronnie’s ex is seeing the patterns of excusing abuse. Jenn likewise went to IG Story, relatively in reaction to Saffire, to state:

” Don’t match anybody’s garbage energy. Preserve yours so you can draw in that which lines up with you.”

And …

” PSA who requires to hear this … As you can see even to this day the abuse never ever ends. This is your opportunity, go out now. RUN! Do not let somebody make you seem like it is your fault for their actions !!”

[Image via MTV/YouTube/Ronnie Ortiz-Magro/Jenn Harley/Instagram.]

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