RSA: she received more than 30,000 euros when she earned between 2,000 and 5,000 euros per month

modified: 2023-01-07 17:06:02

A few days ago, a 27-year-old young woman was sentenced by Justice. In question ? A social fraud, at the RSA.

  RSA: she received more than 30,000 euros when she earned between 2,000 and 5,000 euros per month

In France, the most modest can count on a strong social protection system . But this safety net can sometimes be abused. Thus, some unscrupulous people do not hesitate to scam the community. Failure to pay taxes is called tax evasion. But when we receive social benefits in a dishonest way, we therefore speak of social fraud . However, in the story we are going to tell you today, a young woman owes more than 24,000 euros in RSA to the Maine-et-Loire department . We explain everything about this extraordinary case.

A scrapyard in turmoil

The Saumur court found the defendant guilty. Thus, the young woman, aged 27, will have to reimburse the social aid paid by the department. Indeed, from 2017 to 2020, the latter received the RSA, while carrying out a professional activity .

She sold scrap metal , earning up to 2500 euros per month. The convicted woman, unable to read or write, had already received a first conviction in 2021. She had to reimburse 13,000 euros to URSAFF . And this because it had not declared its scrap metal resale activity.

Henceforth, she will have to organize themselves to regularize their situation with public authorities. Indeed, the RSA acts as a minimum survival income. it cannot therefore be combined with other professional income.

RSA fraud: what are we talking about?

On parle de fraude sociale quand a person receives aid to which he or she is not normally entitled . To ensure that everyone remains within their rights, CAF services carry out regular checks. In the case of the RSA, it is a service managed at department level. Thus, an elected official from the Alpes-Maritimes explains how this monitoring works .

“Our officers are checking carefully to see if people are eligible for this allowance. Users must also sign a commitment on their rights and duties. If the contract is not respected, the RSA is suspended. In case of fraud, the person is summoned, and an administrative fine is decided. »

In this department (06), there are thus nearly 2000 individuals who attempted to defraud the RSA . However, if fraud exists on this type of aid, it is often overestimated in the public debate. According to the Dome Tian report , here is the rate of social fraud observed.

  • RSA socle : 3.1% (around 263 million euros of fraud)
  • RSA activity: 3.6% fraud (approximately €72 million in fraud)

On the other hand, the State saves more than 5.2 billion euros with this device. In question ? The non-recourse people eligible for RSA . Due to a lack of information, up to 20% of beneficiaries do not receive this income. In addition, CAF estimates that of all the checks carried out in 2021, only 1% uncovered fraud. In early December 2022, a Radio France investigation revealed the algorithms used to run the checks . Thus, Noémie Levain of La Quadrature du Net gave all the details of the device. 'The Cnaf has created a typical profile of an alleged fraudster with a number of characteristics. A risk score will then be assigned to each beneficiary. The closer this score is to 1, the higher the risk of being checked.” This information reveals that not all beneficiaries are equal in the face of controls .

Source : 20 minutes