Salary: is it possible to receive the activity bonus with 1600 euros per month?

modified: 2023-01-07 20:07:02

The CAF and the MSA ensure the payment of several social aids. Among them, the activity bonus can be combined with a salary.

  Salary: is it possible to receive the bonus'activité avec 1600 euros par mois ?

Intended for all assets, the activity bonus can represent an interesting sum to supplement your income . However, there are maximum and minimum limits on your salary. To benefit from it, you must therefore prove that you have income within a well-defined range . In addition, the composition of your household remains taken into account in the calculation of your rights . For better understand if you can benefit from this help , Foozine offers you a short summary.

Who can be entitled to the activity bonus?

Unlike other devices, this one is intended for anyone with a professional activity. It can therefore concern employees , but also the self-employed, or even people in a situation of partial or technical unemployment. Besides, apprentices and scholarship students are also part of the eligible public.

To obtain the activity bonus , so you must declare your salary each month to the CAF . To qualify, a single person must receive more than 1047.55 euros net, before taxes. But you must not earn more than 2518.42 gross . Which corresponds to just 1,800 euros per month net. Remuneration obtained through apprenticeship or internship bonuses also counts towards this bonus.

Salary: the calculation varies according to the composition of the household

Even if your income falls within the ceilings that we have just mentioned, this does not guarantee that you will obtain the activity bonus. Indeed, the CAF must know your spouse's salary to determine your rights. But know that two people living in the same household can't both get it. Moreover, all the social assistance received in addition to your salary is also included in the calculation. For determine your eligibility , and know how much you can touch, the best thing is to use the CAF simulator.

Nevertheless, here is an example to help you better understand how this aid works . Thus, a single person, having received a salary of 1600 euros over the last three months, will have 132 euros per month. And this, under the activity bonus. But the amount of this social benefit may vary. Thereby, on average, it reaches 181 euros per month . Again, several factors have an impact on its amount. Especially your salary. Finally, know that if activity bonus to which you are entitled is equivalent to 15 euros or less , you won't touch anything.

Moreover, the activity bonus works with payments that take place each month . If you have just submitted an application, know that if it is validated, your rights will concern the month again, and the two months that follow. To maintain your rights at CAF , you will have to declare your salary and your situation every quarter. Evolution of remuneration, setting up a household in separation… All the information counts to claim aid. To avoid seeing the payments suspended, remember to carry out these steps in time. The best remains note a reminder and update your data on the CAF website , on a quarterly basis.

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