Salvatore Adamo: 'I'm ready to go' in the face of illness, the singer confides

modified: 2023-01-17 19:20:02

True legend of the song, Salvatore Adamo unfortunately suffers from an illness that affects his vocal cords.

  Salvatore Adamo: 'I'm ready to go' in the face of illness, the singer confides

Originally from Sicily, this artist lived his life in Belgium. But Salvatore Adamo had the opportunity to sing in several languages like Turkish, Spanish, German and even Japanese. Throughout his career, he has released plus 30 albums studio . But for some time his health has been declining. Thus, at 79, a disease affects his vocal cords. Result ? He can no longer sing as before. However, Salvatore Adamo manages to demonstrate philosophy, and seems relaxed about the future .

A star of the yéyés years

Au cours de sa vie, Salvatore Adamo on the occasion of sell over 100 million records . For him, it all started in 1960. At the time, he was still just a young man trying his luck in various competitions. His father will also play a great role to support him on a professional level .

Thus, Salvatore Adamo knew his first success in 1963 , with tube Without you my love . “My dad had a great idea: run a jukebox campaign. Back then, a jukebox in a cafe had the potential of a local radio station. Bingo! People who have heard my song are asking for it on the radio. Everything starts. The sequel is wonderful. Without you, my sweetheart remains at the top of the charts for six months. »

For years he led a busy career . His latest studio album, If you knew , dated 2018. Unfortunately, information published in Le Parisien indicates that her vocal cords are a problem . “Salvatore Adamo suffers from a hematoma on a vocal cord causing temporary aphonia. So he can't sing. »

Salvatore Adamo says he's 'ready to go'

Singing retains an essential place in the life of the singer. Also, we can easily imagine the hard blow that his health problems . However, this is not necessarily a fatality. Indeed, Salvatore Adamo had already had a similar problem in 2019.

However, at the time, the The singer had rather badly experienced this disease . “I lived three months of big doubts. (…) What disturbed me a lot was being forced into silence. I had to write on a slate to express myself. During my recovery, I hardly made any phone calls. »

Today, according to the Parisian, Salvatore Adamo tries to find his voice, without passing on the pool table. 'The interpreter of snow falls has started a rehabilitation of his vocal cords which should allow him to avoid a new operation. » However, the singer had to cancel his tour , but also numerous interviews. And this in order to spare his health during the next few weeks.

Moreover, Salvatore Adamo does not necessarily have the same mentality as before. In an interview granted December 8 to Télé-Star, the singer had revealed his new philosophy , facing old age. Thus, the artist does not really worry about whether he has much time left to live. He believes he has already taken advantage of a lot of happiness in his life . 'I try not to think about it, but I'm ready to go. Life allowed me to do what I loved. »

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