Salvatore Adamo: suffering, the singer reveals why he cannot sing

modified: 2023-01-27 23:05:02

On January 25, 2023, Salvatore Adamo confided in Soir Mag about the health problems he is facing. The details.

  Salvatore Adamo: suffering, the singer reveals why he cannot sing

On 09 January 2023, Salvatore Adamo revealed that he can no longer sing . He had thus canceled his concert on January 20, 2023. Anyone who wants to continue his career as long as he can is indeed suffering from a problem with the vocal cords. But what is the reason? The principal concerned confided in it .

Salvatore Adamo: victim of an unfortunate accident

Wednesday, January 25, 2023, Salvatore Adamo broke the silence , in the columns of Soir Mag. If the singer keeps his spirits up, he is still not restored. He decided to give the cause of his aphonia .

Indeed, passing through Santiago de Chile, the singer ended up in a protest gone wrong . He eventually inhaled tear gas.

“A few weeks ago, I was in Santiago de Chile for a concert. My sister and I, we were walking on the biggest avenue in the city and we passed demonstrators. Suddenly, I saw coming over us like a cloud. I didn't know it but it was tear gas. I had never breathed it before and I must say that, at the time, the burn was excruciating,” he said.

If 'the effect faded' quickly, Salvatore Adamo finally felt the effects of this inhalation .

'I thought 'more fear than harm', and I gave the planned concert. I should have abstained. I didn't know how much my vocal cords had been strained by the attack. The conjunction of these two factors, the gas and the vocal delivery, made me completely speechless for several weeks! “, he confessed.

Let the fans be reassured, the singer is already much better . He will resume service on February 10, 2023 during a concert organized in Istanbul.

Salvatore Adamo, a difficult period

This is not the first time that Salvatore Adamo encounters a problem in his career . Due to the Covid-19 epidemic and the many health restrictions, the rooms remained closed for a long time. Consequently, he had to put his activities on hiatus and cancel all his concerts .

A blow for the singer as well as for other singers like him. But he remains strong above all! As a reminder, during his life, he lived through the loss of his father, who drowned in a freak accident . He also overcame a stroke.

Without counting the incident that happened to him on July 12, 2021 on the stage of the Francofolies de La Rochelle. What really happened?

A very embarrassing incident

Very happy to reconnect with his audience after long months of absence, Salvatore Adamo performed at the festival . According to the revelations of Paris Match, for the occasion, the singer repeats old songs, sometimes little known to the general public . A risk that he had not measured before D-Day.

After giving the interpretation of “C’est ma vie” and “Start again”, the artist continues with “Et tant d’amour”. This third title makes him live a nightmare . Impossible for him to remember the words. And the star does nothing but be wrong . Perfectly aware of his discomfort and that he was not going to get out of it, Salvatore Adamo even tries to find the lyrics of his song on his cell phone. But all it gets too embarrassing and he decides to skip to the next song .

It is very modestly that Salvatore Adamo returned to this incident in the columns of Paris Match .

“We had rehearsed so much. And I wanted to propose a song of circumstance, something a little rare for the fans. I put so much energy into learning 'Restart' that, suddenly, black hole for the next song, 'he explained.

If the singer made a big mistake on stage , is that he was very stressed by this big comeback.

“You cannot imagine how distressed I was by this concert in La Rochelle. I hadn't sung for months, it's a really special date. There you go, I plant myself, ”he confessed.

Despite this great moment of loneliness, there is no question for Salvatore Adamo to use a teleprompter . The artist prefers to go on stage without artifice.

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