Savings: 1200 euros per year for French people with streaming offers

modified: 2022-12-14 21:13:02

A study by the Money Transfer site revealed that it was possible to save 1,200 euros by doing without streaming services.

  Savings: 1200 euros per year for French people with streaming offers

During the pandemic, television and the services of paid streaming are in full swing . It was impossible to do without TV when we stayed all day long at home. However, these offers weigh more and more heavily on the budget with inflation and the fall in the purchasing power . According to a study, giving up these paid services could allow the French to save a significant amount of money bringing the amount of the SMIC closer. We tell you everything.

More than 1,200 euros in savings

Indeed, the Money Transfers site confirms that by abandoning paid television services, the French can achieve savings of 1,253 euros . This sum is close to the amount of the SMIC (minimum growth wage) which is 1,329 euros.

Such savings are possible if they have subscribed to all streaming services available in the country. Hulu and HBO Max are among them for French people using a VPN. In total, the subscription to these different services is 1,115 euros per year .

Taking into account the Netflix and Disney Plus streaming services, the amount is 203.76 euros per year. 138 euros or 11.50 euros per month for the TV license fee add to these numbers. Nearly 27.6 million households pay this charge to the tax authorities before it disappears .

By adding all the expenses related to these subscriptions and the fee, the sum is 1,253 euros .

Two services in one home

The Nielsen Institute revealed that a quarter of French people or 24% subscribes to two streaming services at the same time . 23% of Households are subscribed to 3 services while only 18% of French people use only one service.

These statistics are superior to what was observed in 2019 . At the time, households registered for 3 subscriptions at the same time were only 21%. At the time, households registered for 3 subscriptions at the same time were only 21% .

“Surprisingly, the majority of households have no intention of changing or reducing their video subscriptions – even in light of the cost of living crisis sweeping the world,” said Jonathan Merry, CEO of Money Transfers.

Potential annual savings by canceling subscriptions could change in a few months . Some households might consider reducing the number of services knowing the savings they could make.

The name of offers and services available who keeps growing is the reason . Especially since next year, Paramount + and HBO Max could land in France.

Savings: Disney + first victim

Saving money is an emergency, so households are doing everything to reduce unnecessary expenses . In the UK, more than 1.5 million video subscriptions were terminated in the 1st quarter of 2022 . An increase from the previous quarter which had 1.04 million unsubscribes.

These figures come from a study conducted by Kantar, a data analysis and brand consulting company. The investigation also revealed that 38% of UK households are considering ditching their subscriptions .

Disney Plus is the first to have suffered the strongest incidental cost hunt. Its termination rate tripled compared to the previous quarter. Nearly 12% of platform users have canceled their subscription .

At this rate, the small screen could finally go up the slope . For several years, SVOD platforms and their series overshadowed it. Especially since the offers of streaming services will now contain advertisements .

Implementation of new packages

The Kantar company revealed that 44% of UK households are about to subscribe to a package containing advertisements . A compromise that will allow them to reduce their bill if they want to save money. Just last year, they only 38% wanted to choose such a package .

To take advantage of this change in behavior, platforms are gradually starting to make such offers . They then offer a cheaper subscription containing advertisements in the meantime to keep as many users as possible. Above all, there is no question for these platforms of losing customers .

Disney+ is considering introduce a new formula containing ads in the United States. Netflix, which lost more than 2 million subscribers in the spring, has already launched its package with ads in November .

Source : midilibre