Savings: after a year without tobacco, she breaks the piggy bank to see what she has saved

modified: 2023-01-17 15:05:06

Tobacco is one of the most common addictions in France. However, quitting smoking can save you a lot of money.

  Savings: after a year without tobacco, she breaks the piggy bank to see what she has saved

For decades, we all know that smoking has harmful effects on our health. However, France still has nearly 15 million smokers. In effect, the nicotine in tobacco creates a strong dependency. Thus, the will is not always enough to lose this bad habit . However, for years, the price of a pack of cigarettes keep going up . For the State, this is a measure that is both profitable and dissuasive. Also, smoking kills, but it is also very expensive. Recently, a woman decided to say stop smoking . And for a year, she put the savings in a piggy bank. Result ? She saved a very tidy sum

Savings: the budget of smokers is constantly on the rise

In 2000, a pack of cigarettes cost 3.20 euros . Nearly 20 years later, its price has taken an impressive tumble. It is now close to 11 euros , for brands like Dunhill. However, because of the inflation that has been raging for months, households are looking first to save money.

Some no longer hesitate to get their supplies in Spain, Luxembourg or even Germany to smoke. In effect, in these countries neighboring France, tobacco prices remain significantly lower . Others seek to save money by buying contraband cigarettes, which are sometimes very dangerous. However, the best way to save big , remains the cessation of smoking. Moreover, nowadays, there are many methods to achieve this: patches, hypnosis, or even nicotine gum… With the new year, the period is ideal to follow this good resolution.

She quits smoking and manages to save a surprising amount of money

Of these, the story of a woman reminded everyone how much tobacco can cost us . Because it is literally money gone up in smoke. Giving up cigarettes a year ago, so she decided to start a piggy bank. Every day, she deposited the money she would normally have had to spend at her tobacconist. The savings she thus gathered exceeded all his expectations.

After a year at feed this piggy bank , the woman decided to count the money saved. Result ? She had put more than 3,000 euros aside. How to afford a dream vacation ! However, this figure is not delusional.

In effect, for a heavy smoker , quitting smoking allows you to hope for great savings. Consider the case of a person who consumes a pack of 20 cigarettes every day. This means that he spends 10 euros every day for this nicotine addiction . However, there are 365 days in a year. Clearly, if you smoke a pack a day, you can save 3,650 euros by giving up tobacco.

In addition, you can now count on health professionals to help you quit this dangerous habit. Investing in substitutes will quickly become profitable, once the withdrawal succeeded. If you want to try to quit smoking, contact your doctor. You will be able to make great savings, and improve your purchasing power. But you will also benefit from better health .

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