Savings: if you have hot water radiators, it is possible to lower the bill

modified: 2023-01-03 00:29:02

The radiator is one of the most energy-consuming devices. However, by managing its temperature, it is possible to save money.

  Savings: if you have hot water radiators, it is possible to lower the bill

To better manage the consumption of your hot water radiator, it is much more convenient to make it connected . This is now possible by equipping your appliance with a thermostatic valve. Moreover, the installation of the latter does not necessarily require the intervention of a professional. In this article, we list some models to allow you to save energy .

Hot water radiators: operation

Among the types of heating , we find the hot water radiator. In general, it is found in houses equipped with collective heating or individual boilers . Which consumes gas, wood or fuel oil.

To heat a house, the hot water radiator uses a liquid that carries heat . This is why it is called a heat carrier. In turn, the heat transfer liquid is heated by a central boiler.

Thanks to a channeling circuit, the (hot) liquid lands in the radiator which radiates heat into the room . Once cold, the water goes once more to the central boiler and so on.

In principle, to control the flow of water from the radiator, a tap located on the side is used. Nowadays we have more modern faucets equipped with thermostatic heads educated and intelligent. Smart, because they are connected.

Savings with thermostatic heads

Thermostatic valves are tools allowing to precisely control the temperature of a heater . Easy to install, they work with both collective and individual heating.

In addition to being practical, thermostatic heads also allow save energy . Especially connected models. For good reason, they can be controlled remotely via a mobile application.

Therefore, if you go out and forgot to lower the heating level, you can do it remotely. Also, depending on the brand, thermostatic heads offer various functionalities which can be very handy .

The best connected thermostatic heads

Although having the same utility, thermostatic valves do not offer the same functionalities. Also, the compatibility may not be the same either. Still, if necessary, it is possible to use an adapter. In short, here the best thermostatic heads according to the Frandroid site .

Savings with Netatmo

Netatmo thermostatic valves are a reference . In addition to the fact that the brand is a subsidiary of Legrand, the ease of installation and above all its efficiency are worth the detour. Not to mention the design which is a mix of modernity and discretion .

You should know that Netatmo thermostatic heads are equipped with a very energy-efficient e-ink screen. The latter is used in particular to display the temperature and other practical information. The tools even come with stickers in different colors to easily customize and distinguish heads .

It is clear that in terms of efficiency, Netatmo thermostatic valves adapt to real conditions . Its ability to detect open windows makes it possible to fight more effectively against energy loss . This allows real energy savings.

Savings with Schneider Electric

The French group is renowned for being among the best in the world in terms of electrical systems. In its catalog, Schneider Electric also offers home automation equipment. These are grouped together in the Wiser range. In this article, it is the thermostatic heads that interest us .

Like the previous brand, the devices offered by Schneider Electric are discreet and go unnoticed . That said, they do not have a screen displaying the room temperature. On the other hand, Schneider Electric thermostatic heads have 3 LEDs.

For remote control, the device is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, and IFTTT . So you can customize your routines to your liking. And this, by connecting with all the connected devices in your home. The only downside is the lack of an open window detector.

Savings with Delta Dore

Just like the previous brand, Delta Dore is a big size in the field of home automation . The French brand specializes in particular in thermal comfort. In its range dedicated to radiators, we can mention the TVR 1.0 which is a connected thermostatic head.

Although it is not distinguished by its discretion, unlike the Wiser range of Schneider Electric, the TVR 1.0 is nevertheless equipped with a digital screen. This allows easier temperature reading . However, it is not as well integrated as the Netatmo model.

If its installation cannot be done on Wi-Fi, the thermostatic head is however compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. And like the previous model, the TVR 1.0 does not have an open window detector . Thus, to save energy, you must manually put the valves in frost protection mode when you aerate.

Source : Frandroid