Savings: the key figures to know about the Livret A, the flagship investment of the French

modified: 2023-02-06 21:17:02

7 key figures of the French star savings account. The following information will certainly encourage you to open a Livret A.

  Savings: the key figures to know about the Livret A, the flagship investment of the French

To facilitate the realization of your large or small-scale project, a passbook is the best way to do this . One in particular is highly acclaimed by the French . According to statistics, 80.9% of the French population has this state-regulated savings account t. What is this savings account? How does it work ? Through the 7 key figures of this savings account, we will give you the answers to these questions. At the end of this article, you will surely want to open this savings account. If you already have one, you will definitely increase your deposits .

Livret A, the most popular savings account in France

end of suspense, the savings account, of which 80.9% of the French population has one is the Livret A. Like all savings accounts, this Livret allows you to make investments . Of course, the money deposited in this account generates interest. Our colleagues from Boursorama, published on February 4, 2023, to write these interests as small, but not negligible :

“Little remunerative, but without any risk, it appeals to individuals who can place funds there and make withdrawals when they wish, being sure to always find the sums deposited intact, with a remuneration, low certainly but a remuneration all the same '.

Why is this savings account very popular in France? Should we be tempted by this investment? You will have the answers in the 7 key figures of the Livret A that we will make you discover .

The 7 key figures of the Livret A

If you have not yet opened a Livret A , here are 7 digits that you must know before making the decision . The following information is the general characteristics of this savings account.

54.9 million: the number of booklets A held by the French

No matter your age group, you can open a savings account . At the last statistics for 2021, if the number of the French population is 67.75 million, the number of natural persons holding a Livret A is 54.9 million. Since that a single person can only have a Livret A, 80.9% of the French population has this savings account.

2: the interest rate for the livret A since August 2022

The Livret A rate is set by the government. Generally, this follows the course of inflation. However, in August 2022, if inflation were above 5%, the Livret A rate was 2% . However, this is not deplorable, because 2% is very close to the interest rate served by the best euro funds in life insurance.

3: the Livret A rate from February 2023

Since February 1, the interest rate for the Livret A went from 2% to 3% . Now is the time to move your money that is sleeping in the current account to this savings account. According to the Presse-citron information site, published on January 27, 2023, leaving a large sum of money in a checking account “is to impoverish oneself” .

0: the value of the tax on interest

Know that the Livret A is a government-regulated savings account . In addition to this, the interest is exempt from any fiscal tax. Indeed, it is both exempt from capital gains tax and social security contributions. This peculiarity is one of the strengths of the Livret A . This is not the case for gains made on the euro fund of life insurance, which are taxed.

10 : the minimum amount of versement in euros

If you have just opened a Livret A, the minimum amount that you have to pay costs 10 euros . Unlike the PEL, this savings account has no minimum payment per year. You are free to deposit money or not in your account.

22950: the maximum amount of this envelope

If 10 euros is the minimum amount to open an account, 22,950 euros is the maximum ceiling to keep . This is its only weak point compared to other taxed booklets or the euro life insurance fund which does not have a maximum ceiling.

688.50: the annual remuneration of this investment if it is filled

The ceiling of 22,950 euros is a weak point compared to other savings accounts . However, with this moment, the annual interest by applying the rate of 3% amounts to 688.50 euros. A sum that you will not have if you have kept such an amount in your current account .

Here are the 7 digits you should know about Livret A . It's up to you whether you want to save money or not.

Source : Boursorama