Savings: what will change for the French with the increase in the Livret A

modified: 2023-01-14 21:15:02

From February 2023, this famous savings account will see its rate increase from 2 to 3.3%. In question ? Inflation.

  Savings: what will change for the French with the increase in the Livret A

Lately, the French have had to deal with a terrible price hike in all sectors of our economy. Energy, food, insurance… Everywhere, prices are soaring and coming down household purchasing power . According to INSEE, inflation approached 6% in December 2022. In this context, the State has increased pensions and also the minimum wage . But to help people build up savings, the Livret A interest rate will evolve from February 2023. To help you see more clearly, here is a short summary.

Savings: the Livret A account becomes more profitable

Inflation is not only a problem when it comes to paying bills or shopping at the supermarket . It also threatens your savings, placed warm on a savings account. Indeed, with 100 euros in January 2022, you could probably buy much more product than today. If you had placed 100 euros in a current account (without interest rate), you have lost purchasing power. This is because prices have increased by 5.9% over the past 12 months.

To compensate the adverse effects of inflation , it is therefore necessary to turn to the side of the safest investments. Also, savings accounts will become even more profitable next month. Asked about France 2, our Minister of Economy , Bruno Le Maire, confirmed that the interest rate of the booklet A would change. 'Good news: the rate of the booklet A will increase, from February 1, from 2 to 3%. » Or another savings account, the LDDS , will experience an increase in its interest rate. Indeed, his remuneration follows that of the booklet A.

The rules governing the rate of the booklet A

The remuneration of this investment must evolve in line with inflation. However, change does not happen automatically . Also, the government has already increased his remuneration, there is little. The interest rate had thus risen in February, then in August 2022. This is the third consecutive increase. » Very good news for the millions of French people who use this booklet for their savings .

Nevertheless, some were expecting a 3.3% increase. An increase refused by François Villeroy de Galhau, Governor of the Banque de France . “If the calculation formula, taking into account on the one hand the rise in prices (…), had been applied to the letter, the rate of the livret A would have even been increased to 3.3%. » Indeed, he estimates that a rate 'too high would be very unfavorable to the financing of social housing and city policy'. Despite this increase, this interest rate remains well below the rate of inflation .

If you do not yet have an A booklet , the time has come to open one. But know that if you meet the LEP criteria, it is a superb alternative. To be able to see use of this investment , you must reside in France. But there is also a criterion of resources not to be exceeded. Your reference tax income (RFR) must therefore not exceed 21,393 euros per tax share.

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