Scam: a couple stripped of 3700€ because of a terrible scam, it's terrible!

modified: 2022-09-14 23:02:02

It was while wanting to recover their 'vital card' that a couple had their Apple Pay account hacked. The details of this scam!


Today, hackers and scammers of all kinds do not lack imagination to attack honest citizens. Every day they invent new ways to better scam people. Guillaume and Laura tell their misadventures with fake Health Insurance text messages in the “Tribune”. In effect, the couple had their bank details stolen by hackers . The latter did not wait long before enjoying the money.

Apple Pay and Health Insurance, the new playground for hackers

On August 15, Laura receives an SMS from health insurance telling him that his new vital card is available. It must be said that she waited for several months for this text. With the haste and urgency of the moment, she does not “tilt” when asked for shipping costs. Guillaume, her husband, does not see where the scam is either and transmits his bank details.

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A few days later, the bank reports transactions unusual. The couple opposes, but alas, their attempt remains in vain. Thanks to the Health Insurance fake SMS scam, Guillaume's account has already been debited with 3,700 euros . However, we can say that on the one hand, it is lucky for Guillaume. Indeed, the criminals have already reached the ceiling maximum granted. Imagine for a moment if the ceiling had been set at 10,000 euros!

No refund in sight for Guillaume and Laura following the scam

Following a scam, it is normal to believe that actions of compensation are in class. Outside, there is nothing. You should know that if fraudulent purchases were made by card, it is possible to request a refund. Unfortunately, since the transactions were made from a Smartphone, it is not possible to be reimbursed. On the other hand, Apple does not have a compensation procedure in case of fraud .

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The hopes of couple went up in smoke when they heard the news. After a solicitation by email, the bank nevertheless agreed to make a commercial gesture . Indeed, 250 euros were paid shortly after the couple reported the scam. Although it is a lean consolation in the face of the amount lost, it is better than nothing at all.

Scam: Precautions to take to avoid falling into the trap!

It is easy to fall for this type of scam since the platforms like Apple Pay are secure. Thanks to their “secure” nature, it is almost impossible to be hacked. Thus, banks do not hesitate to increase the amounts payable via these apps . This facilitates the work of pirates who now enjoy Guillaume's money to have fun.

The scam that Guillaume and Laura suffered can happen to anyone else. As a reminder, the Assurance Maladie never asks for personal information outside of a secure space. Therefore, everything SMS imitating Health Insurance can be considered fraudulent. It is better to take precautions to avoid losing money in these times of crisis.