Scam: a sports bettor has found the technique to win every time, it's crazy!

modified: 2022-09-22 15:25:01

This sports bettor based in Toulouse always wins every time! Apparently, the man is scamming other players!


As we type these lines, more and more scams are found everywhere in France! And this, in all its forms! Whether in supermarkets or at gas stations. In other words, no sector is spared by these criminals! In Toulouse, a certain sports bettor always apparently finds the best tactics to win every game. However, this man's little game is coming to an end since his famous technique has finally been spotted! We reveal more information in the following paragraphs!

Scam: More and more cases have been spotted!

In Toulouse, sports enthusiasts tend to bet on absolutely everything! Apparently, it's about the activity the most practiced by our neighbors across the Channel. And they really enjoy it.

Indeed, participants have fun, for example, guessing the future first name of a royal baby, the winner of Wimbledon or the color of Queen Elizabeth II's fire hat. And in any case, the use of a technique scam is often encountered !

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While some try as best they can to play honestly, others are ready to do anything to achieve their ends. Indeed, many do not even feel embarrassed to take the lead in opting for methods which are far from legal.

And besides, the people behind these scams keep claiming new victims with each attempt! Let’s take the example of the case of the scammer who made people talk about him in Toulouse!

All shots are allowed !

During a bet, we encounter two types of participants. First, there are those who bet small, but repeatedly! This apparently allows them to play multiple games! While others try to bet with exorbitant amounts.

Thus, the possibility of hitting the big jackpot turns out to be quite high. However, the objective of each player is the same: “to win”! And to achieve this, some are ready to use absolutely any means.

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Indeed, competitive games can sometimes be the scene of several scams! This is precisely what this sports bettor from Toulouse did. For quite a while, this one has surprised everyone by winning almost every bet he has made.

But it turns out that his little magic trick was thwarted by the experts ! The details are in the following lines!

Scam in Toulouse: This scam has claimed more than one victim!

A police source had recently claimed to have detected the infallible technique of the malefactors ! However, she ensured that all information was kept confidential.

“We will not reveal the underside of this scam, but it brought him 3500 euros [in three months]”, he declared!

This scam has claimed many victims! More precisely between February and April 2022, half a dozen tobacconists had unfortunately fallen into the trap. The fraud group of the General Investigations Unit “UEG” was quick to react after the victims filed a complaint!

And Monday, September 19, the 26-year-old man was arrested. Having admitted all the facts that were given to him accused , he will now have to explain himself to justice!