Scam on Facebook: this mother alert after being trapped in beauty

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A poor mother in a precarious situation was scammed on Facebook. She lost a little over 300 euros.

  Scam on Facebook: this mother alert after being trapped in beauty

Marie-Laure Chollet is the name of this mother who, wanting to borrow money, got scammed . We tell you all about the scam she was the victim of .

Scam: Marie-Laure fell into the trap

Marie-Laure Chollet no longer knows what to do. Deceived by scammers on the Web, she lost a little over 300 euros .

It all started last November when she was surfing on Facebook. The scammed mother, while scrolling through the news feed, comes across a post .

By reading the post, she realizes that she can, by contacting the account that published it, solve her problems.

Marie-Laure then leaves a comment hoping for an answer. This answer, she will get it soon . Just minutes after commenting, the mother of the family receives a message .

In this message, the account called “Society for rapid aid to people in precarious situations” greets her. Then ask him what she expects of him. Without hesitation, Marie-Laure tells him he wants to borrow and if possible , negotiate the terms of reimbursement.

“I asked them for a loan of €2,500 repayable over 36 months,” she said.

It should be noted that when she contacted the so-called company, Marie-Laure had serious financial worries. She was on sick leave and, due to several administrative errors, she received no salary .

Finding the post was the best thing she could have hoped for. Unfortunately, she didn't know it was a scam .

She didn't suspect a thing

When Marie-Laure asked them if she could borrow the 2,500 euros from them s, the scammers told him yes. They then asked her to take some steps and she immediately complied.

note that their exchange never left the framework of Facebook . No email, no call, just text messages on Messenger. Despite this, Marie-Laure never suspected that she was the victim of a scam.

Blinded by her desire to receive a large sum, she trusted the scammers without taking the time to investigate .

To put her in confidence, the crooks first asked her for papers. Then, seeing her cooperate without questioning, they started taking money from him .

The first time they asked Marie-Laure for money, she didn't hesitate. Thinking that it would make it possible to obtain the 2,500 euros more quickly s, she gave them what they wanted.

FYI, the first payment made by Marie-Laure was 107 euros. This money, she paid it into an account belonging to a certain Anne-Marie B. A person that she has never heard of .

Shortly after this first installment, Marie-Laure is again struck by bad luck . Her vehicle breaks down, and the repairs require an amount that she does not have.

To solve the problem of this scam, the mother of the family once again turns to the fictional company .

“There, I am asking for an additional €2,500, repayable over 48 months. And very quickly, I was told that it would not be a problem. They write to me: 'You will have the transfer, you have my word,' she explained.

The way she spotted the scam

Every day, the “Rapid Aid Society for People in Precarious Situations” sent documents to Marie-Laure. documents that should serve to speed up the process .

In real life, the fictitious company just wanted to save time. She was still planning to squeeze more money out of him .

The poor mother only started having doubts about the scam when she received a loan contract. In this contract, there was the name of a certain Delphine , but no longer that of Anne-Marie.

'The RIB on which I made the payments belonged to Anne-Marie B., not to Delphine T. From that moment, I feel that something weird is going on,' she said.

His distrust was not enough to prevent Marie-Laure from once again paying money to the scammers. This time, it is no longer 107, but 212 euros.

'At that time, they wrote to me: 'You will have the transfer, you have my word.' Except that right after, I was asked to pay 128 € again', she recalled.

It's only after having paid them the 212 euros that Marie-Laure understood the scam . So, in an attempt to take back what she so kindly offered them, the poor victim took legal action.

“So I went to my bank to oppose (…) And I went to file a complaint with the gendarmerie. “, she said.

Today, the mother only want one thing, get a refund . Let's hope for her that she will be able to get her hands on the thugs and get her money back.

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