Scam: this used car scam affects one in ten buyers, beware

modified: 2023-02-07 23:13:02

The purchase of a used car often reserves unpleasant surprises. Be careful not to be scammed.

  Scam: this car scam'occasion concerne un acheteur sur dix, méfiez-vous

More economical, but not necessarily a bargain . With a lot of publicity, the sale of used cars benefits from the dynamism of the crisis and the soaring prices of new cars. But it exists many scams on used cars, odometer fraud being the most prevalent .

Scams related to vehicle characteristics

Lying about the condition of the vehicle is a common habit among fraudsters . When you buy a used car, beware of certain techniques , including the following:

  • Tampering with odometers: It doesn't matter if it's an 'old-fashioned' odometer or a newer one, some people are masters in the art of doing so and have the necessary knowledge and tools to reduce the number of kilometers travelled.
  • Hidden defects: it happens that a dishonest seller deliberately hides a defect that could have influenced your purchase decision or modify its purchase price .
  • Stolen cars: Stolen cars are sometimes resold. If this happens to you, you are liable to a penalty, even if you acquired the vehicle in good faith .
  • The wreckage scam: an end-of-life vehicle (removed from circulation) is visually repaired, but with little or no mechanical repairs. Apart from financial loss, this scam can have serious consequences and put your life and the lives of others at risk down the road.

Odometer scam

According to a recent Harris Interactive survey for HeyCar, more than half of French people (52%) consider buying a used car to be a stressful time. Although you take all necessary precautions, the risk of scams remains high . The most common fraudulent practice is changing the odometer.

Some unscrupulous motorists do not hesitate to tamper with the odometer in order to better sell their vehicle. For individuals, this sudden rejuvenation is often very difficult to detect .

A platform exists to control the mileage

Trust does not preclude control. To prevent risks And avoid buying a vehicle at full price , the HistoVec site is your best ally. Since the beginning of 2021, the mileage history of each vehicle can be viewed on this platform .

If in theory, only the holder of the registration certificate can consult the history of the car, all buyers can ask the seller of the vehicle to check it r. If the seller refuses, it is better to turn to another model.

How to avoid being taken in by this scam?

This is common sense, but important to remember. It is essential to go and see the car before buying it. Of course, you must ensure that the technical control is valid and does not raise any anomaly .

  • Mandatory visual checks: For avoid being deceived , look for signs of wear on the steering wheel, pedals and consult the car's maintenance booklet . A body inspection may also indicate dents. Finally, an important point advised by good mechanics is to always look under the vehicle to check for oil leaks. If that is the case, don't bother !
  • Vehicle testing, starting, braking and driving: When it comes to the engine, the slightest suspicious noise should arouse your suspicions. It is also advisable to test the car on the road in order to test its behavior and its emergency braking .
  • Prefer a dealer: To have all the chances on your side, “go through a dealer or a site that guarantees your used car for up to two years, parts and labor. In this case, the car was the subject of a thorough check”, explains Luc Bazizin on France Info.
  • Mileage: There is also a website that gives you will allow to know the history of the mileage via the license plate . In addition, it is worth requesting the history of the vehicle on an official site, such as HistoVec.

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