Scam: watch out for these scams that can be very expensive in 2023

modified: 2023-01-02 17:15:03

Many scams will continue to take place via SMS and email. Here are the ones to know so as not to fall into the trap.

  Scam: watch out for these scams that can be very expensive in 2023

The year 2023 will not be the end of the scam, quite the contrary! These last months, scammers have multiplied the tricks to steal money or personal information from you. If you intend to make good resolutions, don't forget to add to your list of being even more wary regarding the text messages and e-mails you will receive in the coming months. Don't worry, we'll help you. For this, here the 6 SMS to be wary of from the year 2023 .

Energy consumption scam

A scam SMS related to energy consumption currently circulating in France . The scammers pretend to be a region, mainly Hauts-de-France, informing you that it “Allows you to save more than 70% on your energy consumption” . Then you are redirected to a link, which actually steals your personal data.

The Crit'Air vignette

A great classic of the year 2022, which will surely not stop in 2023 . This Crit’Air sticker scam based on an SMS sent motorists, inviting them to buy paper to drive in low-emission zones. They are then redirected to a site similar to that of the government, but it is actually a scam .

To avoid being fooled, remember to look at the price because that of the sticker in France is 3.67 euros including postage. Beyond this price, don't bother !

Family emergency scam

Since the beginning of December, several French received the message from a relative who allegedly broke his mobile phone . It doesn't stop there! They receive a second SMS asking them to send emergency money . Of course, this is a scam. Before doing so, make sure your loved one is not in this situation and you will quickly understand that it is a scam .

The vital letter

Have you received such a message?

“Your new vital card is available. Please complete the form to continue to be covered. »

If you received it, beware! This is a scam. Those who are the origin of the latter invite you to redirect you to a site that looks just like the Health Insurance site. A site, which, let us remember, is false.

To avoid being scammed, don't click the link . Ameli does not request personal information from you through any website or message. Thereby, you can be sure it is a scam .

Identity card scam

This scam is classic, like the vital card one. For simplicity, we invite you to change your CNI for the new biometric model. Scammers claim that you have to pay soon .

“Last deadline to obtain your identity card in accordance with the new regulations. After this time, the manufacturing costs will be entirely your responsibility”, is the message you receive.

Fine payment scam

Do you think you've been flashed lately? A text message confirms that you are late for a traffic ticket and so… You click on the link. This is the false fine scam, whose site resembles that of ANTAI. You are then told that you owe 35 euros to the State for “non-compliance with parking rules” .

Tips to avoid getting scammed

How do you avoid these scams? Well, read these three tips carefully that we give you.

Always look at the number of the issuer: if it is an 06 or an 07, the message certainly does not come from an official body.

The links included in the message should alert you, especially if we strongly encourage you to click on it . Never click! If you have any doubts, go directly to the website of the reference organization.

To prevent others to fall into the trap , do not hesitate to report the messages received on dedicated sites. You can forward the SMS to 33700 for example.

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