Scam: 'Your package has been delivered' beware of this SMS scam

modified: 2022-12-23 16:58:03

The package delivery scam claims several victims. Find out what to do when you receive malicious text messages.

  Scam:"Votre colis a été livré" attention à cette escroquerie par SMS

While many people are waiting for their parcels to be delivered for Christmas, scammers take advantage of this to send them malicious SMS . The latter use the technique of phishing so that their victims land on a fraudulent site . This kind of case has become so frequent that more than 1,500 people request assistance on the Cybermalveillance platform . Here's what you need to know about the scam phishing “parcel ready for delivery”.

A scam that could target you

The CEO of CyberMalveillance found that the SMS scam is on the rise at this time of the end of the year.

“Historically, we receive a dozen or a hundred requests for assistance per day. Since the beginning of December, we have had more than 1,500 requests per day! “, said Jérôme Notin.

the prince of the “parcel ready for delivery” SMS scam Is simple. A scammer text you indicating that your package is ready for delivery. The message contains a link that should allow you to confirm your delivery .

Jérôme Notin indicates that many people waiting for their delivery end up clicking on the link . You must avoid making such a mistake at all costs. These scam sites are really dangerous for you and your bank account .

“Under cover of a request for postage, supposed to cost say 1.95 euros, some give their credit card number. The scammers will then use it to make purchases on sites that do not request validation for payment, ”explains the director of Cybermalveillance.

The scammers don't stop at texting , some even pretend to be a bank. A second scam which, unfortunately, succeeds in claiming many victims .

A double penalty for the victims

A person might have clicked on the link and has provided personal information on the fraudulent site. She then receives a call from her bank notifying her of fraudulent transactions made with his bank card .

To fix the problem, the scam victim is asked to send a certain code that she will receive by SMS . This code will, in reality, confirm or validate a purchase that the scammers have made with the victim's card.

Even though you have not made a payment , just clicking on the link can cost you dearly. The scammers were able to send a link containing a virus that records the data of people who click on it .

The scammers will then reuse your data . Some steal them to sell them to other scammers for a huge sum in return. Those who hold your data can then contact you in an attempt to defraud you about your CPF account.

They may also use your number to attempt to trick other staff with fraudulent text messages . You become accomplices of the scammers without you knowing it. You may even suffer harassment from people they have contacted without your knowledge .

'It's a bit of a double jeopardy: your phone is hacked, and in addition people believe it's your fault, and are angry with you,' says Jérôme Notin.

A victim of this type of scam even had to pay a significant overcharge . Because of the massive sending of SMS via his number, a victim had to pay 1,500 euros in one month.

What to do in case of a scam attempt?

Since the beginning of December, 21,000 people would have consulted the article on this type of scam on the Cyber ​​Malice website. The first advice given by Jérôme Notin is to never click on the link in these fraudulent SMS.

You should instead contact the companies that SMS mention as La Poste, Amazon or Chronopost . You should do the same if you receive a call from someone claiming to be from your bank.

If your phone is a victim of the virus, do not hesitate to visit the government website Cyber ​​Malveillance . The site could also answer your questions.

If you receive an abusive SMS, transfer it to 33700 . A number available to individuals to fight against abusive SMS. This is the number of an SMS alert system for telecom operators .

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