Scams: beware of fake calendar sellers

modified: 2022-12-24 14:55:06

Firefighters, garbage collectors and postal agents go door to door to sell calendars. But how do you avoid scams?

  Scams: beware of fake calendar sellers

Whether it's the firefighters, garbage collectors or even postal agents. One of these city officials may be knocking on your door during the holiday season. Typically, they want to sell one of their calendars. And this, against any sum, sur the base du volontariat. However, criminals use this time to lay traps. Indeed, in recent years, the various municipalities have become aware that certain criminals have started a scam using the same technique. Indeed, the crooks come knocking at the door pretending to be garbage collectors or firefighters. They then ask for money against a fake calendar. A growing scam in recent years . so here's how to make sure they are real sellers of calendars. We'll explaine everything here !

Apply for the professional card

There are very simple ways to find out if the person you are opening the door to is legit or not. Criminals will try to pass themselves off as a firefighter or garbage collector. And this, to sell you a calendar. First of all, you should know that it is still very useful to j judge a person's legitimacy . Whether by asking for their professional card or by checking the official logo of the institution in question. Know that scammers use these scams to get into your home. Indeed, the time you go to get money, criminals will take the opportunity to enter your home and probably rob you. As a first step, the administration site recommends that you request the person's business card which is in front of you.

To avoid these scams , you can also request the identity of the person by checking the official logo of the institution. Indeed, know that the logo should appear on the calendar that the person sells. For example, when a firefighter knocks on your door, he will not only be able to prove his identity, but also prove that he is from the station that appears on the calendar that he intends to sell to you. Do not forget that the donation of money against this calendar is always done sur the base du volontariat. Thus, no amount can be imposed or requested. Thereby, you give what you want and not a penny more.

Warn elderly or isolated people of these scams

There are other methods to avoid these possible scams. Indeed, you have to start by talking about it around you. If everyone is aware, it is easier not to fall into the trap. Also, don't hesitate to alert the elderly or isolated people around you to this kind of canvassing '. It should be noted that the elderly remain the most vulnerable to such scams. Sometimes, the town hall of your municipality publishes an alert or a prevention message. And this, on its site or its Facebook page for example. And since the elderly do not always have access to these social networks, it is always useful to talk to them about it .

At last, keep an eye on their outfit . Our colleagues from The voice of the North recently mentioned the different outfits that agents must wear to carry out this canvassing. Although they must all have their professional card, they are not not required to wear their uniform . According to our colleagues, firefighters are still selling their calendar in uniform '. However, the other agents do not necessarily wear an outfit explicitly dedicated to their work. ' As for the agents of La Poste, they can change into civilian clothes but must justify their quality if you ask them '. Apart from firefighters, garbage collectors and postal agents, no other agent sells calendars. Thus, the gendarmes and the police will never come knocking on your doorstep for a calendar. Finally you can report suspicious behavior by dialing 17 or 112.

Source : West France