Scams: the scams that have had the most impact this year 2022

modified: 2023-01-02 01:04:02

Scammers take every opportunity to scam you. In 2022, 10 well-established scams emptied the pockets of thousands of French people.

  Scams: the scams that have had the most impact this year 2022

Every year, law enforcement finds that scammers are more and more creative . Unfortunately, honest people pay the price. In 2022, widespread scams caused thousands of victims in France . Mastering the art of speech and deception, the scammers tricked the elderly. But they even managed to deceive young adults very suspicious. Among these scams, 10 of them are the most to be feared. Discover them without further delay in this article.

Linky counter

Fake agents of Enedis ring at your door and give a false diagnosis on your Linky meter. They explain that the device is failing and is in danger of exploding shortly .

They then declare that their intervention could cost you up to 6,000 euros . The scammers mainly target the elderly, who have little knowledge of new technologies.

The pedophilia scam

Several people have received emails explaining that they are being prosecuted for viewing compromising videos of minors. The scammers pose as agents of the law to ask you for a fine .

Of course, it's all a lie. But many victims fell under the panel under the effect of panic . Many are silent and pay in silence, even when they are innocent, for fear that the affair will get out and tarnish their reputation.

The personal training account scam

Scammers use multiple communication channels to appear more believable. They tell you that your training rights have expired. To continue using your account, they therefore invite you to solve the problem by following a link .

But everything is wrong. This is just another scheme to steal your personal and banking data in order to use them later .

The credit card scam

The scam starts with a scammer who pretends to be an employee of your bank . They make up any story to convince you to perform a remote operation on your account.

According to him, ill-intentioned people tried to break into your card . So he asks you to cooperate to solve the problem. But everything is wrong. This is a scammer who is actually after your bank credentials .

The Vitale card scam

This is an SMS that invites you to renew your Vitale account to continue to receive reimbursements for your medical expenses. The message contains a link that refers to a website that looks a lot like the Health Insurance platform .

A form is presented to you. The crook then asks you to fill in personal fields to supposedly solve the problem. But beware, it's a scam!

ID card scam

This is a fraudulent SMS that encourages you to change your identity card immediately . The latter urges you, that you must absolutely renew your identity card, otherwise it would be obsolete.

The message then redirects you to a fake public service site. Like many fraudulent sites, the criminals who run it, have set up everything to steal your money and your bank details.

Fake tax refunds

The criminals send you emails and make you believe that they come from the General Directorate of Public Finances. The message explains that due to an overpayment on your taxes, the organization would like to reimburse you .

The consumer association UFC-Que Choisir explains that if you must receive a refund because of an overpayment , you will never have to communicate your bank details. So distrust.

The fake financial investment scam

It is a scam that the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority (ACPR) and the Financial Markets Authority (AMF) observed for several months . These organizations have warned everyone against the well-established scams around crypto-currencies, financial products and fake passbooks .

Scammers lure you in by explaining why you are making the right choice by investing with them. But they actually want to take your money . At present, 3,900 fraudulent sites in the genre have been identified by the authorities. Pay attention.

The family emergency scam or the “Hello Mom” scam

In this scam, the scammer pretends to be your child . Under a fake number, he says his phone is broken and asks you for money to get a new one.

This scam has already deceived thousands of parents worldwide and arrives in France. Beware of these unscrupulous scammers who show no remorse playing with your feelings .

The parcel scam

You will receive an SMS explaining that your package has been delayed. To fix the so-called problem, the message is accompanied by a supposed link redirect you to a website of the responsible agency .

Know that the pirate site is well developed and has already deceived well-informed individuals on web scams. The criminals, very cunning, know that you are suspicious. They then call you on your number to tell you that an intrusion attempt has been observed on your account. But don't be fooled. It is still one step scam, do not answer .

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