Secret Story: 'I'll keep you informed' a candidate announces her stroke, her fans worried

modified: 2023-01-26 13:05:02

On January 23, 2023, a former “Secret Story” contestant confessed on her Instagram story that she suffered a stroke.

  Secret Story :"Je vous tiens informés" une candidate annonce son AVC, ses fans inquiets

The show “Secret Story” in 2014 revealed to viewers many personalities . There was also the emblematic couple formed by Vivian and Nathalie, but also Leila, Aymeric, or even Elodie Ortisset. This last was particularly noted for his character well tempered and explosive. But the former “Secret Story” candidate was quickly eliminated today, she is talking about her again . Because, Elodie Ortisset suffered a stroke . Under the concern of her fans, she gave news of her.

Elodie Ortisset: her life after “Secret Story”

Elodie Ortisset did not stay long in “Secret Story” sure, but viewers still remembered her. His attraction to Stéfan, another candidate, had also made an impression, as had his secret 'I was born under X'.

After the TF1 program, Elodie Ortisset tried to find love again by participating in “La Villa des Cœurs Brisés” . The former candidate of 'Secret Story' then preferred to be discreet and move away from reality TV. She left the capital and returned to her hometown .

During an interview with Melty, Elodie Ortisset confessed that she has new plans .

“After the end of La Villa des Cœurs Brisés, I returned to my hometown, Montauban, where I am trying to develop my company: Le Ticket Compagnie. It is a Fin Tech company, awarded the French Tech label. We try to develop an innovation that will be talked about. »

If the candidate of « Secret Story » rebuilt his life away from TV , she admits, however, that it is not at all easy. Indeed, she is often described as a “reality TV candidate” and it put a spoke in his wheels .

“I was quickly described as “Elodie Ortisset, the reality TV candidate”. Reception agents or secretaries sometimes lack discernment and do not hesitate to put a spoke in the wheel. But that's not all... We have to face competitors who don't hesitate to go hard! My mailboxes were hacked and large groups were inspired by our innovation (…)”, she confessed.

Stroke victim

Nevertheless, Elodie Ortisset was not let down . She gave her best in her new life. Far from the heckling of the media world, she does not hesitate to give news of her to her fans from time to time . This was also the case on January 23, 2023.

The “Secret Story” contestant grabbed her Instagram account to announce sad news to your community . She made it known in a story that she suffered a stroke. The young woman only put the three letters “AVC” in black capital letters on a white background in her publication.

Seeing the story, Internet users panicked . The main concerned therefore reassured them by saying:

'It's alright, I'll let you know. Thanks. »

Elodie Ortisset (Secret Story), she was shot

You should know that this is not the first time that the former reality TV candidate faced with such a situation . After his release of 'Secret Story', she had testified to having been the victim of an assault in her hometown .

According to her, it was around 9 p.m. when a man “about 25 years old, 180–185cm”, dressed in a “dirty beige teddy type” jacket, approached her. Sitting on a bus stop, she heard an impact: she had just been shot .

“Thank God the windows of the bus shelters are armored. I can say that once, in my life, I was shot, she added. Probable cause: I do TV, I am a woman, a typed woman, ”she said.

If the man shot him, Elodie Ortisset thinks it's due to his notoriety. That's not all ! She was called a 'dirty p***' immediately after the shot. This is enough for the young woman to deduce that the shooter had a problem with her experience in reality TV .

“Poor him. Does a woman doing television bother you?! Under the pretext that I am a public figure I am a p ***?! “, she tweeted.

Fortunately, the candidate of “Secret Story” came out safe and sound from this attack . She then filed a handrail for 'insults-threats'. If she would have done more, the young woman however salutes the work of the police, who allowed him to avoid the worst .

“We often criticize them but I thank the national police! “, she said on social networks.

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