Secret Story: Internet users ignite about a new season

modified: 2023-01-19 18:14:02

'Secret Story' could soon return to your screens. It looks like a new season of the show is already in the works.

  Secret Story: Internet users s'enflamment au sujet d'une nouvelle saison

Last year, TF1 surprised its viewers with the great return of the “Star Academy” . The first channel broadcast the first episode of the musical program on October 15, 2022, 15 years after its shutdown. The 2022 edition of “Star Academy” was a hit with viewers . A good result for the production which had hesitated between tele-hook and the reality show “Secret Story”.

If the « Star Academy » got production favor in 2022 , “Secret Story” may return this year. Lots of internet users impatiently awaiting the return of this cult show 2000s. The clues seem to indicate that they won't have to wait any longer.

'Secret Story': an emblematic program of TF1

For almost 7 years, the first channel broadcast 'Secret Story' . From 2007 to 2014, Benjamin Castaldi took care of the presentation of this show of secrets.

As a reminder, the program followed the adventures of the candidates who had to keep the secret . The participants of this reality show were locked in 'The House of Secrets' .

For several weeks, they must try to discover the secret of others . 'Secret Story' was the show that started the careers of many personalities. For several seasons, the show had a lot of success with TF1 viewers .

Things took another turn with the arrival of new reality shows like “Les Anges”. Christophe Beaugrand became the presenter of the show from the 2015 edition. Over the seasons, the audience of “Secret Story” has dropped enormously . The show even had to switch to the NT1 (TFX) channel to finally stop in 2017.

Since then, fans of the show had hoped for his return , but no sequel was ever announced. Christophe Beaugrand explained that the production of the show was expensive, however, it was not profitable enough .

'Secret Story' again on our screens?

Last year, several rumors were running on the web regarding the return of “Secret Story” . First, fans of the show heard that the program was going to return to TF1. Then, a rumor insinuated that Amazon Prime had bought this flagship program from TF1 .

Last November, the former host of “Secret Story” had made some revelations about the return of the show . Benjamin Castaldi has indeed affirmed that TF1 had planned for the broadcast of “Secret Story” .

“Apparently Secret Story would come back on Prime Video, it would be a good idea, they would be quiet, crazy secrets. It should last 10 weeks with 14 candidates. I was not approached to present”, he revealed on the set of “Touche Pas À Mon Poste”.

What the columnist announced on TV does not seem to agree with the new index appeared on Twitter. On January 17, 2023, netizens noticed a change on the official “Star Academy” account. The new season of “Secret Story” will she finally be on the TF1 channel ?

Hope for TF1 viewers

Recently, Christophe Beaugrand had mentioned the potential candidates for the new season of “Secret Story” . Endemol production has not yet officially announced the return of this show. The index on Twitter could, however, prove that preparations have begun .

The Endemol production box created a Twitter account for the “Star Academy” . During the broadcast of the 2022 edition of the show, this official account was always active. Recently he changed its name from @staracademy to… @secret_story_fr .

Internet users who open the social network page can read 'Secret Story Official Account' . This already gives hope to fans of the show who had been waiting for his return for years .

Several personalities follow this page on Twitter . We can notably mention Nikos Aliagas, Jean-Pascal Lacoste, Bilal Hassani, Jean-Marc Généreux, Matthieu Delormeau, or Jordan de Luxe.

This name change did not go unnoticed by Internet users who reacted. For the moment, neither TF1 nor Endemol have yet commented on the subject. Hope the show will land this year !

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