Secret story: the president of Endemol makes a big announcement on the return of the show

modified: 2023-02-08 23:21:02

Is Secret Story really going to release a new season? The statements of the boss of Endemol, in charge of the project, are promising. The details.

  Secret story: the president of Endemol makes a big announcement on the return of the show

Viewers showed a lot of enthusiasm at the reboot of several cult shows . This is particularly the case of “Star Academy” which was a huge success on TF1. According to the latest news, the return of an old tv show looms . These include 'Secret Story', broadcast from 2007 to 2017. The boss of Endemol in charge of the show revealed considerable information on the subject . We take stock.

'Secret Story' returns to our screens

The latest edition of “Secret Story” ended on December 7, 2017 . At the time, the season was won by Noré.

Lately, several scandals on the famous reality TV have fallen. The former candidates leaked surprising secrets about the TV show . This is the example of Cindy, a participant in season 3 who revealed in an interview:

“Once, they made me sleep outside in a kind of campsite. I freaked out, I swallowed two boxes of Doliprane, no one cared. I don't think they took me seriously. They didn't believe me. So the next day I was stoned, I stayed all day in the trampoline, no one had the right to come and piss me off. »

Despite this, the producers of 'Secret Story' have confirmed his return. Were they influenced by the trend to remakes of old cult TV programs ?

That said, many believe in the culmination of this idea. Indeed, the current public consumes a lot of reality TV .

The rumors on the subject intensified when 'the Voice' of 'Secret Story' dropped an explosive message on Twitter . This one said:

“Here the Voice, to all Internet users: beware of appearances… That’s all for the moment! »

'Secret Story' returns to a famous platform

The new season of “Secret Story” could take place on Amazon Prime . It was Benjamin Castaldi who gave the information, this Friday, February 3, 2023 on the set of TPMP.

'That's a good idea,' he exclaimed.

As a reminder, the latter was the presenter of 'Secret Story' before Christophe Beaugrand don't take over .

That day, Gilles Verdez, another columnist also gave his opinion .

'By going to Amazon Prime, they will be able to go further than on TF1,' he said.

Their colleague, Guillaume Genton, well informed in the production sector, did not hesitate to share his way of seeing .

“TF1 wanted to relaunch Secret Story, but tested with a documentary which was a disaster. So it was refused. There is M6 which was hot to do it. The problem is that it costs a blind Secret Story: it's 10 million, 11 million euros. And Amazon is the most likely solution,” he said.

About the presentation, Christophe Beaugrand confessed that he would like to present the new season if he likes the concept. But according to Benjamin Castaldi, the person called to fulfill this role is Nabilla . So it's still a case to follow.

The boss of Endemol launches excellent news

The boss of Endemol France, Jean-Louis Blot expressed his wish to create a new season de « Secret Story ».

“We want to make this brand exist, revive it and show that people love it,” he said.

He has a clear strategy to get there.

'So we're going to use our archival stock to remind the public what Secret Story is, it's a real booster shot,' he said.

However, Le Parisien specified that the preparations of a new season of reality TV haven't even started yet . For now, Jean Louis Endemol first wants to revive Secret Story in the minds of Internet users.

“We have already started by putting shows on Youtube. We are now going to accelerate on all social networks, by broadcasting extracts. Also old dailies and weeklies, and even new content! ', did he declare.

Several excerpts from the television program of the 2010s, are already circulating on Facebook . The news was very well received on the Web. The fans just waiting for the return of the show .

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