Secret Story: The return show? The secrets of Benjamin Castaldi

modified: 2023-02-05 12:26:02

Benjamin Castaldi released crisp information about Secret Story. News that will delight fans.

  Secret Story: The return show? The secrets of Benjamin Castaldi

The fashion is for remakes and reboots of old ones television programs . After the proven success of Star Academy, a French reality TV broadcast from 2007 to 2017 , will soon return. This is of course Secret Story. This Friday, February 3, Benjamin Castaldi confirmed the return of the Popstars television program . But he also gave news about the broadcast and presentation of Secret Story. The details.

Benjamin confirms the return of Secret Story

Secret Story had gathered candidates to wildest and darkest secrets s. Last December, the president of Endemol France, Jean-Louis Blot considered the return of the show.

“We are working on the return of Secret Story, Loft Story or the arrival of Big Brother. We are convinced that this is what corresponds to the use of the consumption of television programs today. he told Ozap.

Then this Wednesday, February 1, 2023, the Secret Story Twitter account posted a Voicemail message .

“Here the Voice, to all Internet users: beware of appearances… That’s all for the moment! “, can we read there.

A evocative message that Endemol France retweeted. This Friday, February 3, Benjamin Castaldi, former presenter of the show completed the news .

'It looks like it's coming back to the Amazon Prime platform.'

According to him,

'TF1 did not retweet the info so with Gilles (note: Verdez) we think that it will necessarily go on Amazon Prime and it's a good idea because it will be much better'.

Gilles Verdez has good reason to to think that the production made this choice .

'By going to Amazon Prime, they will be able to go further than on TF1,' he said.

For his part, Guillaume Genton added:

“There are three broadcasters who were interested. »

Then Benjamin Castaldi added :

“TF1 wanted to relaunch [Secret Story], but tested with a documentary which was a disaster so it was refused. There is M6 which was hot to do it. The problem is that it costs a blind Secret Story: it's 10 million, 11 million euros. And Amazon is the most likely solution.”

Who will present this new season?

The Return of Secret Story has been discussed for many weeks on TPMP .

“There will be crazy secrets. It should last ten weeks. Fourteen candidates,” said Benjamin Castaldi.

However, the identity of future presenter was still not known .

'I haven't been approached, I have a job on C8,' said the former Secret Story presenter, despite reboot rumors.

Benjamin Castaldi won “700 or even 750,000 euros, the season” . So, is he ready to return to the controls of the famous reality TV show?

“If I can do it. Honestly, I wouldn't have done it again on TV, because I've been around it. (…) What would make me laugh is to set foot in the platforms, ”he replied.

Cela dit, Guillaume Genton to trust that the production would like a male/female duo for the presentation of the show. Christophe Beaugrand, presenter of Ninja Warior, could be chosen. He admitted that he could accept on condition 'may the editorial project (him) please' . This February 3, Benjamin Castaldi mentioned the participation of Nabilla, current animator of Cosmic, revealed in Les Anges .

Secret Story : quid du casting ?

The brief message of the Voice on Twitter, was well received by Internet users .

“Hello voice we miss you. And I hope a new secret story will arrive soon”, “I hope that if it comes back, it will be heavy! “, “Oh yes, that’s not all for the moment, we hope for a new season, we cross our fingers” or even “I am too moved if it comes back I am happy,” could we read among the comments.

The casting question came back often . This Saturday, January 7, Christopher Beaugrand gave his opinion on this in On refait la télé on RTL.

The one regret the bad casting choice current reality shows.

'If we manage to do a cast that is not, in our jargon, 'tele-real'... Reality TV as it was then produced, we really damaged the genre, I think. »

According to him, select only candidates with unrealistic physique for Secret Story “would have no interest” .

“It is above all the casting that makes all the difference. Look at the casting for the return of Star Academy, we had well-mannered young people who were well-spoken and had their own personality,” he said.

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