Serge Lama: 'It was a monster' the singer comes out of silence on his relationship with his mother

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Among the legends of French song, Serge Lama is in a good place. However, he recently confided in his toxic relationship with his mother.

  Serge Lama

At 79, Serge Lama can boast of having led a magnificent career in song. Singer-songwriter, he has always a very good reputation in the artistic world . These last, the singer had even been able to make him speak in the Star Academy . Indeed, he did not hesitate to congratulate Anisha , after his recovery from I'm sick , on the tray.

» It was a delicious moment. She puts her heart into it. She sings it wonderfully. She has a tone of voice that belongs to her. Cheer. »

But in a recent interview, the artist aroused emotion by revealing the rather rough temper of her mother, Georgette .

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The singer confides in a documentary

As he prepares to celebrate his 80th birthday, Serge Lama will soon be the subject of a documentary centered on his journey . Faced with the journalist Mireille Dumas, he has also agreed to do rather intimate confidences about his past.

In 'Serge Lama, la vie à la folie', which will be broadcast on January 27 on France 3, he thus returns to the wounds that marked his life . Thus, let us remember that his youth experienced a terrible tragedy, since he lost his fiancée Liliane Benelli in an accident. He also had many after-effects at that time. Last October, in seven to eight , he had agreed to discuss this sad memory .

« I remember the car. My jaw was shattered, I couldn't even speak. I remember the road with the stars, where all the people were looking at me and I was trying to say my name was Serge Lama. But of course it didn't come out. Then I fell into a coma. »

More the family history of the artist is also particularly dark. In question ? The rather unpleasant character of a mother who never seemed satisfied with her own son.

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Serge Lama reveals a painful childhood and a toxic mother

For his famous song The Red Balloons , the singer drew inspiration from his childhood memories. Rather dull years , in precarious conditions.

» We did laundry in the only room we lived in. It was a terrible time. We washed in a basin, and not entirely every day! We washed once a week to go to mass. It was a life like in the Dickensian years, almost . »

According to Serge Lama , his mother never had any tenderness or pride towards him .

'When I was a superstar, when I gathered 300,000 people at the Palais des Congrès twice in a row, she said to me, 'You see, you have your name up there. Well, I would rather you were a lawyer and come to my house every week. She was incredibly possessive. For my father, for me, for everything! »

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Even the successes of his Serge Lama were not enough to soften the heart of the terrible Georgette .

'You should thank us, it's thanks to us that you wrote Les Ballons rouges.' She told me that, my mother! I think I must have been a bit taken aback. »

Fortunately, the artist now leads a quiet and fulfilling life. Married to Luana Santonino since 2021 , he recently released the last album of his career, To like .

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