Series 2022: discover the top 10 of this year

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2022 had its share of series offered by various streaming platforms. Without further ado, let's discover together the most significant ones.

  Series 2022: discover the top 10 of this year

If there is a hobby that we humans particularly enjoy, it is watch series . According to Clément Combes, sociologist of culture and media, 'the ratio of cognitive resources' has something to do with it . Interviewed by Ouest France, she said: “(…) we discover universes that would not be accessible to us, without them”. In short, to return to our sheep, in 2022, it must be said that we have been well served. The different streaming platforms have spoiled us a lot. There were all kinds : fantasy, drama, comedy, etc. So what are the best series of 2022? Here they are.

House of Dragon

Adapted from the novel “Fire and Blood” by George R. R. Martin, “House of The Dragon” is THE series of 2022. For your information, it takes place nearly 200 years before the events of “GOT” . Also, the series chronicles the fall of House Targaryen, caused by the civil war called 'Dance of the Dragons'. Proof of its success, in less than 24 hours, the first episode of the series brought together 9.99 million viewers . A real audience record for HBO. And along the way, fans didn't pick up the slack as the final episode racked up 9.3 million views. Note that for the next Golden Globes, 'House of Dragon' received two nominations . That of 'Best Drama Series' and 'Best Actress in a Drama Series' for Emma Darcy.

Stranger Things : saison 4

Released May 27, 2022, “Stranger Things” Chapter 4 is unquestionably the season of all records . Divided into two volumes, the series created by the Duffer brothers was Netflix's favorite in 2022. Indeed, from its first weekend of broadcast, it has totaled 286.79 million hours of views . If the first part was a hit, the second was not left out either. In particular, it achieved 301 million hours of viewing. In total, viewers watched Hawkins' small gang fight against Vecna for 1.15 billion hours. Note that “Stranger Things” is the second Netflix production to reach this record after “Squid game”.


Airing on Netflix since November 23, “Wednesday” is the series of the moment . Directed by Tim Burton, it is, as its title suggests, centered on the character of Wednesday Addams . The latter, brilliantly interpreted by the pretty Jenna Ortega, was sent to a boarding school for special children: Nevermore. And this, after being expelled for the umpteenth time from a high school. Throughout the episodes, the goth teenager who excels in sassy phrases will have to apprehend his new life . Also, she will have to solve a series of murders in the city of Jericho. On the audience side, during its first week of broadcast, the macabre teen series has been viewed 341 million times . From now on, 'Wednesday' is the 2nd most viewed series on Netflix in 2022, just behind 'Stranger Things'.


If there is a series that caused a lot of talk in 2022 , it is “Dahmer”. And for good reason, directed by the brilliant Ryan Murphy, it recounts the horrible murders committed by Jeffrey Dahmer. Without doubt one of the most horrific serial killers that the United States has known, portrayed on screen by Peter Evans . Still streaming on Netflix, the 2022 series was watched for 196.2 million hours in its first week. And in the third week, viewership totaled 701.37 billion hours viewed . Given its success, in two months, Dahmer has crossed billions of hours of viewing. It is therefore the third Netflix production to reach this score since the creation of the famous platform .

Rings of Power

A long time, Netflix reigned supreme in the realm of streaming , but in recent years it has had serious competitors. This is particularly the case of premium video which has offered the series “The Rings of Power”. Many 'Lord of the Rings' fans were eagerly awaiting it. Taking its roots in the same universe as the work of J.R.R Tolkien, the series was a hit in terms of audience . During its release on September 1, 2022, it notably attracted 25 million viewers worldwide. We can therefore say that “The Rings of Power” has made a successful debut . For your information, each episode of the series cost almost 60 million per episode. Never seen !


Adapted from the graphic novels by Neil Gaiman, “Sandman” follows the journeys of Morpheus , the lord of dreams. Imprisoned for years, causing sleeping sickness in the world, he decided to travel through the worlds. And this, in order to find what was stolen from him, but also to recover his power . The cast of this 11-episode series include British actor Tom Sturridge , but also Gwendoline Christie. On the record side, from August 8 to 14, the series dépassé 1.4 billion minutes seen , thus beating “Stranger Things”.

Euphoria : saison 2

Worn by the beautiful Zendaya, the series created by Sam Levinson and co-produced Drake has become a real phenomenon . As a reminder, she follows the daily life of Rue, a drug-addicted teenager and her group of friends. Released at the start of 2022, i.e. January 9, the season of the series definitely did not disappoint fans . Of course, the same themes are always addressed, namely drugs, depression and sexuality. In short, a series in the image of our time. audience side, it has doubled since the first season, bringing together 13 million viewers on HBO. And besides the audiences, season 2 of Euphoria also blew up Twitter. And this, with more than 30 million tweets.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Emblematic character of the 'Star Wars' universe, in 2022, Obi-Wan Kenobi finally got his own series . Played by Ewan McCregor, in this new adventure, the Jedi master lives as a hermit on the planet Tatooine. However, he does not forget his mission, that of protecting the young Luke Skywalker from the threat of Darth Vader, his father. In the meantime, Obi-Wan will also have to rescue the princess of Alderaan Leia Organ, Luke's twin sister. For information, in addition to Ewan McCregor, another actor has also made a comeback in the series . This is obviously Hayden Christensen, who plays Anakyn Skywalker aka Darth Vader. Regarding the series, it is said to be the most watched on Dinsey+ , surpassing “Mandalorian”. Note that Disney has not, for the time being, communicated exact figures.


Broadcast since February 18, 2022, Severance is one of the new sensations on the Apple TV catalog . The series notably follows employees of Lumon Industries, including Mark Scout. The latter underwent an operation which separated their professional and non-professional memories . The plot is quite complex, but the series has received laurels from the media. The cast includes Adam Scott, Britt Lower, Christopher Walker, etc. Proof of its success, the series is nominated in the category “Best Drama Series” at the Golden Globes 2023. Regarding Adam Scott, he is nominated in the category “Best Actor in a Drama Series”.

Moon Knight

We can't do a top 10 of the best series of 2022 not including Marvel Studios productions. To the delight of fans, the company decided to highlight the character of Moon Knight. The latter, played by Oscar Isaac, is obviously not a hero like the others . For good reason, he does not hesitate to kill his opponents, unlike Captain America. Note that even before its release, the series broke an MCU record. This is the most beloved trailer of a MARVEL series. Until now, she has more than 1 million likes . Note that the series, available on Dinsey +, marks the last production in which Gaspard Ulliel participated. He lost his life on January 19, 2022, after a terrible skiing accident .

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