Shakira: this giant witch doll installed on her balcony for her ex-mother-in-law, Pique's furious mother

modified: 2023-01-19 09:48:02

After Gérard Piqué, Shakira also directed her revenge towards her former mother-in-law. Find out the details in this article.

  Shakira: this giant witch doll installed on her balcony for her ex-mother-in-law, Pique's furious mother

Shakira chains the spades to his ex-companion since their separation in June 2022. The international singer is full of imagination when it comes to revenge for Gerard Pique . After the buzz of his new song which is clearly aimed at this one, she now takes it out on her stepmother . She put a large witch doll on the balcony of her house, the part that faces her mother-in-law. We tell you everything in this article.

Shakira and Gérard Pique, separated

According to the television program “Socialité”, Shakira discovered Gérard Pique's infidelity thanks to his sense of observation. As the singer returned from tour, a strange detail in his fridge, challenged him .

Jam jars had decreased a lot . Yet she knows that his companion does not consume it . She immediately contacts a private detective to find out what is going on. This one confirms Shakira's doubts , like what, Gérard Pique had another relationship .

After the investigations, it turned out that the woman in question was Clara Chia . According to the private investigator, she used to spread your morning toast with marmalade .

In June 2022, the interpreter of “Waka Waka” and the former Spanish footballer of FC Barcelona formalized their breakup .

“We regret to confirm that we are separating. For the well-being of our children (Milan, 9 and Sasha, 7), which is our top priority, we ask you to respect their privacy. Thank you for your understanding, ”they announced to the Spanish press.

Shakira is avenged from her ex in chanson

Since the separation of the two stars, Shakira dedicated three songs to her ex . The last titled « For guys like you », went viral on the internet with targeted lyrics and much more violent.

Although she never mentions Gerard Pique , she does not hesitate to allude to it . She notably used puns with the name of him and his new girlfriend.

The passage which has been talked about a lot in all the tabloids , is the following excerpt:

“A wolf like me is not made for a guy like you. I won't come back to you if you cry or beg me. You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo. You exchanged a Rolex for a Casio (…) A lot of gym, but also work your brain a little ”.

At present, Shakira's video counts plus 141 million views . Faced with the clash of which he is the subject, Gérard Piqué responded in a humorous way. He showed up on Twitch with a Casio brand .

'Is this a joke? No, no, I'm serious. I tell you, this watch is for life,” he said.

This last also responded by buying a Twingo . He even promised to come with this car to the next championship, « I spoke in clown » .

A publicized family feud

After the rumors of infidelity of Gérard Piqué, the relationship between Shakira and her former mother-in-law , Montserrat Bernabeu, became tense. Rumors on the subject say, in fact, that the latter was aware of the acts of infidelity of her son .

In his new song, the interpreter of She Wolf, sang:

“You left my mother-in-law as a neighbor, with the press at the door and the debt to the Treasury…”.

The Colombian has also put his song on loop and at full speed in his house . It is impossible that his in-laws do not hear him since they are neighbors.

But the story does not end there.

'A few weeks ago I was informed that Pique's mother was worried about an alleged spell cast on her by a witch,' said Marc Leirado Millan.

He was surprised when he found the life-size doll, with graying hair and dressed in black. That scarecrow dressed as a witch on Shakira's balcony, seems to point to the home of his former mother-in-law .

When the singer installed the big doll this Saturday January 14 , the mother of Gerard Pique hinted at her displeasure. She went to see the Star's staff to remove the strange decoration. But the mistress of the house refused to take it off .

Source : C news