She uses a shampoo from a well-known brand: she has to shave her head!

modified: 2022-09-13 20:16:02

This influencer used the shampoo of this well-known brand. She had no choice but to shave her head! The details !


A new episode of Complément d'Enquête has aired. The opportunity for viewers to take advantage of the appearance of this influencer! The latter came to denounce certain hair care products, more specifically a shampoo sold by the famous brand Nicky Paris. However, this product is put forward by many famous personalities! We reveal the details in the following paragraphs!

Shampoo: This product from a major brand has been reported!

The episode of Complément d'Enquête broadcast last Sunday evening had influencers as its main subject. This sequence was also part of one of the most anticipated.

At present, more and more people are embarking on this new profession which is already gaining a lot of momentum. Yet this work is apparently known for its bad pictures !

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Between scam, money and Politics , we no longer know what the real principle conveyed by this profession is. During this episode, a good deal of indignation and scandals have been mentioned. Cindy Raymond, a famous influencer, therefore decided to speak.

And this, by denouncing an article by hair care (shampoo) offered for sale by Nicky Paris. And definitely, the young woman clearly did not mince words.

Cindy Raymond, still so popular!

Nicky Paris is certainly no longer to present. A very large number of influencers indeed promotes this brand. Which explains his notoriety in cosmetics shops in France. It's impossible to just miss it!

At present, the brand is selling a range of shampoos that are already talking about it on the market. But according to Cindy Raymond, this product is far from being beneficial for the hair!

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Cindy Raymond was revealed in Large families , life in XXL. A landmark appearance that would have allowed him to gain popularity. What had also pushed him to become an influencer !

Since then, the young woman has become present on almost all social networks. Whether on Instagram, TikTok or Snapchat! This personality well-known registers 100,000 subscribers on almost every platform in which she enrolled. She then tested the brand's famous shampoo and did not hesitate to share her opinion.

Shampoo: 'It's the only solution (…)'

Following her great popularity on the networks, Cindy was contacted by We Events for a potential collaboration. His work will then consist in promoting the new shampoos of the Nicky Paris brand.

By doing this product placement, 100 euros will be paid into her account for each video she posts. Of course, the influencer signed the contract and started trying hair care !

By announcing the news, Cindy Raymond's subscribers had alerted her to the use of this very highlighted shampoo. In the comments, we could see Internet users who complained about this product! Apparently , they were victims of itching, hair loss or even mycosis!

But the damage has been done, Cindy had used it before and was not spared its terrible side effects. But for her, the damage was even more devastating . So much so that she ended up shaving her head! ' It's the only way (…). And for a woman, it's a shock to have to do that,” she added,” she said!