Sheets: learn how to fold them perfectly to optimize space saving

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What could be nicer than clean, fresh sheets? Undoubtedly linen well folded and especially not crumpled.

  Sheets: learn how to fold them perfectly to optimize space saving

If you like sleep in ideal conditions , you know that bedding is very important. A solid bed base, a suitable mattress, remain essential for enjoying a restful sleep . But you also have to know how to take care of household linen. Indeed, no one wants to sleep in dirty or rough sheets. Also, their maintenance remains essential for keep them in good condition . Must therefore change your sheets regularly , wash them, and above all, store them properly. Indeed, bed sets are generally sold in assorted lots . And some people give a lot of importance to this detail. So Foozine invites you to discover a perfect trick to keep your favorite sheets in perfect condition .

How to perfectly fold and store a bedding set?

Generally, the linen used for sleeping is divided into several categories . Thus, for a double bed, it is necessary (at least):

  • A fitted sheet to cover the mattress
  • A duvet cover
  • Two pillowcases to cover your pillows.

Of course, for hygienic reasons, your sheets should be kept as clean as possible . This involves taking them out and washing them quite often. Also, in most houses, one always finds several bedding sets , in order to ensure rotation between two washes. But who says adornment, also says the possibility of ending up with mismatched sheets s. In question ? A sometimes painful storage, badly executed, which does not help us to find the linen that we wish to use. However, there is a simple and effective method to keep bedding sets clean, and always matched .

This internet user's trick for folding the sheets

Generally, the elements that make up the bed linen all have very different sizes . Indeed, a pillowcase measures approximately 60 cm by 60 cm, when the width of a cover can reach 240 cm . Given these differences, some tend to organize their closets by separating bed linen by category . However, this means looking for the rooms one by one when you change your sheets.

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To avoid all these problems, a young woman showed her way , on they are Instagram account . As a picture is worth a thousand words, she filmed herself, folding her bed linen . His secret? Organize your ornaments, by folding all the elements that compose them. So it starts with fold your fitted sheet (starting with the corners), then she covers it with the pillowcases that go with it. At last, she uses the duvet cover to envelop the set .

So all you have to do is reach out when you want to change the bed sheets . Moreover, this technique also has advantages from a hygienic point of view. Indeed, by folding the adornment in this way, the fabric remains protected from dust . If you have cats in the house, this method will do wonders for protecting your sheets from their hair. This small gesture, which seems obvious, can make a big difference by simplifying your daily life . Indeed, this method will also save a lot of space in your shelves.

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