Sheila: her weight loss following her health problems will soon be mentioned in a documentary

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Singer Sheila, in her documentary, confided in the health problem that made her lose weight.

  Sheila: her weight loss following her health problems will soon be mentioned in a documentary

Sheila, Annie Chancel of her real name, is a French singer. Although she is now 77 years old, she is still on stage. And this, to the delight of its loyal admirers but also the new generations who discover it. Currently, she is on tour for his 27th album . On January 6, 2023, a documentary will be broadcast on France 3 about his life and career. The opportunity for the singer to do personal confidences . And this on the health problem in his youth that caused him to lose a lot of weight. Our colleagues from Gala, who were able to watch the documentary in preview, therefore discussed these subjects Monday, December 26, 2022. We explain everything here!

Sheila: A documentary to illustrate her career

Sheila has been delighting many people through her music for nearly 60 years. With nearly 70 million records sold, it should be noted the incredible longevity of his career. This French song icon has managed to gather many fans from all over. Aged 77, she continues to show on stage and release albums. Throughout her extraordinary career, Sheila has overcome many obstacles. Thus, on Friday January 6, 2023, France 3 will be released a documentary about him.

The documentary will be called Sheila, all those lives. Through these images, viewers will be able to find out more about the French singer . Sheila then confides in many aspects of her life. Whether it's his childhood, his beginnings in music, his loves and his bereavements. And this, as our colleagues at Gala point out. They had the opportunity to preview the documentary on Monday, December 26, 2022. In her documentary, the 77-year-old singer also promoted her new album, her 27th album. However, that's not all! Indeed, Sheila also mentioned a difficult episode in his life that cost him dearly.

The health issue that caused her weight loss

It should be known that Sheila had to go through quite a difficult ordeal during her youth. Health problems that left him very fragile . It should be noted that this health problem made him lose nearly fifteen pounds in a very short time. As early as 1963, when the young artist was barely 18, she became a popular star in France. And this, thanks to its title School is over .

Very quickly, she made the four corners of France so that the French discovered her. It must be said that although she loved her first tour, Annie Chancel of her real name struggled to keep up with this pace. Indeed, the pace at 100 per hour is clearly difficult to bear. Too much at once. A success that she struggled to bear, especially from a young age. An overwork that led to exhaustion for the young woman. Unfortunately Sheila suffers from anemia . As a result, she is forced to take hormonal treatment. However, this treatment caused him to change his voice and therefore responsible for sa voix grave.

The fabricated rumor about Sheila

You probably know the rumor that had been circulating for a long time about Sheila. During the first years of his career, his deep voice raised many questions about him. This gossip comes from his former producer and agent, Claude Carrère. It should be known that this rumor started in April 1964. Sheila suffered deeply from her anemia, and as a result, she collapsed on stage, exhausted. And this, while she was in concert in Roanne (Loire). During an interview with France Sunday, at that time, she therefore explained that she was forced to take treatment with male hormones to cure his anemia.

The former freelancer turned novelist did secrets about it . « We made front pages every week at the request of his impresario Claude Carrère. One day, Guy Goujon who was the editor-in-chief went to see Carrère. We had no history. And he had an idea: she wants to have a child, she can't have a child '. Following this, a rumor was born. You probably remember the headline in the magazine: 'Sheila is a man.' Sheila confronted these rumors as best she could. However, she failed to suppress the rumor. During an interview with the magazine S , by Sophie Davant, on May 20, 2021, Sheila explained: ' At the time, Claude simply said to me: 'As long as we talk about you, that's the main thing' ».

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