Shy'm: the singer proud to have lost 17 kilos after her pregnancy

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On January 14, 2023, Shy'm appeared completely resplendent during the preview of the film 'Babylon'. The details.

  Shy'm : la chanteuse fière d'avoir perdu 17 kilos après sa grossesse

Tamara Marthe, known under the pseudonym of Shy'm was invited to the Grand Rex in Paris very recently. Of course, the singer answered the call and put on her best outfit to appear on the red carpet. Dressed in a set combining a jacket and gold sequined pants, it must be said that she did not go unnoticed. Not only did she catch the eye by being all beautiful, but the young mother shocked more than one with her flat stomach and its sculpted silhouette.

The birth of his son Tahoma

On January 27, 2021, the famous singer Shy'm gave birth to her first child . This good news, the main concerned announced it on her Instagram account. She has, in fact, posted a black and white photo where you can see his big smile as well as a small hand.

In the caption of this publication, the new mother had written:

“Buried my selfish sorrows and sorrows. Farewell Futile, navel, melancholy shadow. 22.01.21 …and since then, the most beautiful dark circles of my life. New, alive, yours, thank you. »

Discreet since her pregnancy, Shy'm did not, on the spot, revealed the name of the newborn . It was only later that the public learned his first name. And according to the confirmations, the little boy is called Tahoma. A mixed first name with Shy'm has just detailed the meaning , in the course of an interview with the Journal des Femmes published on Thursday, October 28, 2021.

The idea of ​​Tahoma first came on the set of the clip Together. At this moment, the singer had decided to call him Tao .

“I talk about the first name with my stylist, I was still pregnant, and he tells me that his cousin is called Tahoma. Since I had already heard the name Tao on a few children, I found Tahoma very pretty and poetic,” explained the mother.

She then went on to say:

“His dad and I also have an original first name, so we wanted something a little out of the ordinary. We took a long time before settling on a first name and finally, we decided three weeks before the birth. Tahoma is a name of Native American origin which means 'Snowy top of the mountain'.

Shy'm and her slimmer figure

Shy'm is very fulfilled in her role as a mother . She continues to share tender moments on Instagram. In addition to the fact that the thirty-something is radiant on her publications, Internet users have also noticed that she also managed to quickly regain her figure flawless after the birth of her baby.

On January 14, 2023, moreover, it is a thinned Shy'm that fans found alongside Brad Pitt. The interpreter of the title “Victory” wore a black bandeau top revealing his very muscular ultra-flat belly .

Visibly delighted with the show, the young woman shared some videos of the evening in the story of her Instagram account. As a reminder, the film “Babylon” is directed by Damien Chazelle . This film is a tribute to the golden age of Hollywood which takes place in the Los Angeles of the 1920s.

Shy'm: the secret of his weight loss

To come back to Shy'm, the singer has lost 17 kilos after the birth of her son. With her pregnancy, the mother experienced physical transformations that were more or less complicated to manage. Hair loss and other problems, Of course she knew them. . Because of the hair loss, Shy'm left her extensions on hold so as not to weaken them more.

That's not all ! She notably left her pigmented line at the level of her belly – which she considers a sweet memory – and the extra weight gained during these nine months with a little being growing in her belly.

But a few months after little Tahoma came into the world , she decided to lose weight. His secret? The singer revealed it, saying:

“Losing my pregnancy pounds was a big motivation. I had gained 17 kg. There, I lost everything again: I think breastfeeding helped a lot, then stress and fatigue got the better of the last kilos. I resumed a healthier food hygiene, also with protein products. Otherwise, I'm not hyper-athletic but I have phases during which I give my all: there was dancing, boxing... Beyond the line, it's important for physical and mental health . »

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