Shy'm: this handicap which greatly embarrassed her in her singing career

modified: 2023-02-07 15:16:06

Did you know that Shy'm suffered from morbid shyness? The singer had to resort to “cortisone shots” to overcome her stage fright.

  Shy'm : ce handicap qui l’a beaucoup gênée dans sa carrière de chanteuse

On February 3, 2023, the program “Friday everything is permitted” recevait Shy'm alias Tamara Marthe . An opportunity for viewers to get to know her better.

We learned, among other things, that the singer was extremely shy in his youth . And this, to the point of having difficulty performing in front of an audience. An unimaginable fact given the success she had at the start of her career. Shy'm had to use great means to be able to ensure his shows .

A passion that does not date from yesterday

We can say that Shy'm fell into music when she was little . His father was a singer and musician in his spare time. Her mother was a dancer. So it was quite natural that Shy'm started singing very early .

However, the young woman had a hard time dealing with the public . Never mind, she was thinking of stopping her studies since high school to devote herself to music. And this, despite his parents asked to pass the baccalaureate before starting .

It was at this time that K.Maro spotted her. The author of the hit 'Woman Like U' and the young woman then began to collaborate until she become the star we know today . His producer also finds many qualities in him.

“These are encounters that we have very few times in a career, in a lifetime, I think that any producer will be able to answer the same thing!… It is an obvious encounter, which does not stop just the musical talent or the vocal timbre, it's the personality, the way of being, the life course,” he said.

Cortisone shots

After his tribute to the exceptional career of Shy'm, K.Maro mentioned the difficulties that the singer during her debut . The interpreter of 'She still dances' had to overcome enormous difficulties before being able to live from her passion. Among the challenges that stood before her, there was her sickly shyness .

Shy'm will make this shyness a strength since his stage name 'Shy' means shy in the language of Shakespeare .

Shy'm dragged this fear of facing the public eye at the start of his career. And even if she started to become a celebrity . K.maro is not about to forget how hard they had to work for years to overcome this shyness.

'It was a pathological shyness, even cortisone shots to sing a song with me at my first Olympia...', revealed K.Maro.

Shy'm has been able to overcome his shyness over the years.

“I was always told, when I was little, that I was too shy, and in fact it is my superpower”, confided the singer to the Huffington Post in 2019.

To overcome his shyness, the artist took on a stage name and she built herself a character . This is how she was able to let go and give the best of herself every time she goes on stage.

“It was a way to protect myself, to show an image that I controlled (…) My necklines and my short skirts were a shell 30 cm thick”, she confides.

Shy'm talks about his 'handicap'

Shy’m took his shyness as a real handicap . And for many reasons.

'There are things we don't do because we're anxious, because we're afraid of not being interesting enough, we're afraid to open up. It took me a long time to identify this discomfort, ”she explained.

This shyness has long put the singer “uncomfortable in all situations” . However, Shy'm found something positive in it over time. Indeed, what she considered a handicap saved him from succumbing to harmful temptations .

“I was just doing my job and not going to after parties and parties. (…) I think it allowed me to keep my feet on the ground, ”she explains.

Sym'm currently seems feel better about yourself . She gained self-confidence and takes full advantage of its status.

“For four years, five years, I have felt comfortable on stage, I like what I do, I assume myself and I manage to enjoy it,” she confides.

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