Simon Castaldi: “I am 80% responsible” he confides in his breakup with Adixia

modified: 2023-01-26 21:10:02

Young Simon Castaldi had a volcanic love affair with Adixia. Now single, he looks back on this separation.

  Simon Castaldi: “I am 80% responsible” he confides in his breakup with Adixia

Seeing Benjamin Castaldi Presenting LoftStory in 2001 , could you have guessed that his son would make a career in reality TV? And yet, more than 20 years later, her child made the front page of the magazine, after having participated in the show The princes and princesses of love . Thus, between 2021 and 2022, Simon Castaldi maintained a relationship with the beautiful Adixia . This young blonde woman has also participated in several reality TV shows, including The people of Marseilles . But today, the magic no longer operates between the two exes . The young man therefore took the time to come back to this painful separation .

Simon Castaldi kept silent for several months

Last October, Adixia announced the breakup itself on Instagram. ' Single and forever! My priority right now is me. » By way of explanation, she had simply shared this enigmatic sentence in story . ' AND n general, the woman believes that he will change, but he will not change, and the man makes mistakes in believing that she will never leave, but she will leave. » It was obviously a spade, launched at his ex, Simon Castaldi.

An outcome that did not surprise the young man so much. In effect, between the pretty blonde and him , the mood had turned sour for a while. But he still waited a while before broaching the subject. And on January 24, Simon Castaldi has finally spoken , to answer questions from its subscribers. » First, I am no longer with Adixia. It was quite complicated (…) It had been complicated for two or three months, we no longer got along. We tried to put the pieces back together for several months, and it didn't work. I am, I think, responsible for 80-70% of the couple as a whole, even if we will say that it is 50/50. There you go, that's how it is. » Without false modesty, Simon Castaldi admits that the end of their story affected him a lot . « I was unhappy. I'm still unhappy anyway. »

The young influencer takes time for himself

In an attempt to heal his wounds, Simon Castaldi plays sports and tries to occupy his mind . In my misfortune, I was able to find a taste for things, I was able to find a passion. I play paddle almost every day. I had forgotten how important passion is in life. »

The son of Benjamin Castladi aussi pris du recul on his romance with Adixia. Thus, he managed to identify Errors he may have done in the past. ' It's my fault, because I wanted to lock myself up in the relationship so quickly that I forgot myself. . I was behind Adi a lot, wanting her to be good and I shouldn't have and it's my fault. I blame myself a little bit, but I don't regret it because it was out of love. »

Let's hope that Simon Castaldi will soon be able to recover, and to mourn all this history . For all those who are interested, we must therefore remember one thing: the 22-year-old is a heart to take .

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