Sink: how to unclog it quickly and efficiently in case of problems?

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You've probably had a sink problem before. To fix it, you called an expert. This is not always necessary.


For information, a sink is an element of a kitchen forming a basin, equipped with a tap and a water drain . It is when the drain does not work that the sink is clogged. This is a real problem. However, to fix it, it is not always necessary to call a plumber . Indeed, with the right tips and materials that already exist in your home, you can unclog a sink yourself . You are probably wondering how this is possible. Without making you wait any longer, here is 9 tricks that work every time to effectively unclog a sink.

What are the possible causes of clogs in your sinks?

Before solving a problem, it is always essential to know what was its cause. We follow the same approach here. Before giving you the unstoppable tips for unclogging a sink, let's first find out what can cause the clog .

There are many possible origins. Most of the time, it results from our bad habits in the use of this indispensable element in the kitchen. Without further ado, here are some of the most common:

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The fat

This is often responsible for the clog in your pipe. The reason is its very easy solidification . In fact, when hot, the grease has a liquid form and therefore flows easily into the pipe. The problem comes when it cools and becomes solid and sticky. You understand, this is what is causing your sink to clog .

Trash and food

As mentioned above, the clog comes from bad habits in the use of the sink. When we do the dishes, we are used to leaving the rest of the food in the sink basin . Some through the small holes and clump together in the siphon. Once it fills, the detritus goes into the pipe. With time, they end up clogging the drainpipe .

Tartar and limestone

These are crusts that form frequently in damp places. It must be said that a water pipe is no exception. The problem is that tartars reduce the diameter of the drain pipe and facilitate the attachment of residues. Results, the water is no longer circulating and the sink is clogged .

The 9 unstoppable tricks to effectively unclog your sink

After determining the potential causes that may clog your sink, here's how to solve them. You should only call an expert after testing all the following tips . You will see, they are simple and accessible to all .

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1. Vinegar, salt and baking soda

Well-known products when it comes to cleaning tips. Once again, they are very useful here . According to an article by Female Practical Life , here's how to use them:

  • Mix 20 cl of white vinegar with 200 g of baking soda,
  • Put 200 g of salt,
  • Add the preparation in the pipeline
  • Leave on for 30 to 40 minutes
  • Clean with boiling water

2. Boiling water is handy for unclogging the sink

This is not only used to clean traces of baking soda , salt, and vinegar. Hot water alone is also an effective way to unclog a sink . To do this, just boil two liters and pour it down the drain .

This one can get rid of fat which become solid in the cold. For good make sure the drain is unblocked , it is recommended to do this trick several times.

3. Remove the siphon

The siphon is the small box that collects the debris you leave in your sink . To unclog and avoid possible blockages, This tube needs to be cleaned regularly. .

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4. The suction cup

Place this tool over the drain hole and polish. Want to be surprised with the result.

5. The homemade ferret

It is also possible to get rid of crumbs clogging your sink with hanger. To do this, simply unfold it and shake it several times in the drain pipe.

6. The pump unblocker

Very often used to unclog the bathtub. Know that this also unclogs the sink very quickly .

7. Wire hangers

Same principle as the homemade ferret, take a hanger, unfold it to be longer. Then, bend the head to make a hook. All you have to do is slip it into the pipe to hook the plug with the hook.

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8. The garden hose

Pushed the garden hose into the pipe, once it reached the plug, run the water with strong pressure .

9. The hair dryer

Yes, a hair dryer can be a formidable tool for unclogging a sink . To do this, simply blow hot air through the pipe. However, be careful not to put the device in contact with water.

There you go, with these 9 tips, you can unclog your sink yourself like a pro . However, if the problem persists, contact an expert.

Source : Practical life

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