Ski resorts: where to spend your winter holidays for not very expensive?

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Winter sports have a reputation for being expensive. Discover the ski resorts that offer prices under 50 euros.

  Ski resorts: where to spend your winter holidays for not very expensive?

The first snowflakes begin to settle on our soils . This means that the end of year vacation are not very far . This period especially marks the beginning of the winter sports season. A passion that brings together several million French people .

Unfortunately, stays at ski resorts are relatively expensive . Indeed, you should expect to spend a lot of money when you go to the mountains. Catering, ski lessons, ski pass, accommodation, equipment… all this has a price and this may discourage more than one .

The ski resorts are numerous, the price difference is large

Competition is fierce between the many ski resorts present in France. This induces a substantial price difference between posh resorts and those that want to reach a modest clientele . You can therefore save a lot of money by choosing your destination wisely.

Capital recently relayed a study by the accommodation booking site Holidu which pondered the subject . Thus, the media dissected the rates charged by ski resorts . To do this, they based themselves on the average price of the rental and that of the package.

The ski resorts present in this study correspond to an important criterion. They all have a ski area of ​​more than 20 km .

Where can you ski without breaking the bank?

Fortunately for fans of the genre, many actors try to offer a quality experience at an affordable price . Some service providers even offer packs for less than 50 euros.


The resort of Gresse-en-Vercors is located in Isère, 45 minutes from Grenoble. It is one of the most affordable ski resorts with its price of 38 euros per day .

At Grand-Puy

My Grand Puy ski resort is located in Seyne in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence . Perched at an altitude of 1,800 meters, this resort invites you to have fun on its 13 trails. A stay in this magnificent setting will only cost you 39 euros for the day .


Autrans resort is located in Isère . It is one of the most affordable ski resorts in France. In effect, we will accommodate you there at the rate of 40 euros per day .

Ski resorts for less than 45 euros

Several ski resorts find themselves at the foot of the podium in this ranking with a daily rate of 45 euros . Among them, we can mention the stations of Artouste , Ancelle, Saint-Léger-les-Mélèzes or Pelvoux-Vallouise.

If it's cheap, there's a reason

Don't be fooled, these ski resorts will not offer you exactly the same services as the more expensive ones. The main reason often lies in the size of these stations . They sometimes have a very limited number of leads.

Before making your reservation, find out about your destination. This will avoid unpleasant surprises. Check the usual snow level of their slopes. There are stations that will ask you to pay more by giving you the opportunity to ski at a nearby station.

Check the number of activities offered by the resort. Some have less expensive ancillary activities in their catalog. Others even offer activities that don't need a lot of snow . For example, you can go cross-country skiing, hiking or walking with sled dogs.

Ski resorts: the best destinations

After learning about the most affordable ski resorts, let's dream a little by making the list of the best resorts in France. France probably home to the most beautiful ski resorts of the planet.

They are usually found on the Alps . And this, because of the fact that it snows well from the end of November to April. You will find snowy areas for almost all the year as in the glacier of Les Deux Alpes.

Without delay, here a selection of the five most exclusive resorts from France:

  • Chamonix
  • Tignes
  • The two Alps
  • La Plage
  • Alpe d'Huez

So you are left to choose your next destination according to your budget . Don't forget to inquire!

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