Slimane touching: the singer makes painful revelations about his daughter who was born prematurely!

modified: 2022-09-12 23:30:02

Lately, singer Slimane spoke about the difficulties after the arrival of his baby. He expressed his concerns!


Slimane recently revealed his fears regarding the state of health of his daughter Esmeralda! This circumstance therefore made noise on the network. Especially since his fans only wished him happiness! Discover in the following lines the details of this news!

Slimane: Success in his career as an artist!

As a reminder, the singer Slimane is known for his unprecedented victory in The Voice . In the fifth edition, the latter was the favorite of the juries! Especially since his vocal performance was extraordinary.

Know that it was the beginning of his popularity ! On the other hand, the singer also wanted to exploit his pleasant talent . Slimane therefore began his profession as an independent artist in French music.

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Especially since his dream is to have a successful career. This popular performer has therefore produced several unreleased album titles! Among others, his song 'Before you'. Indeed, Slimane collaborated with Vitaa for this title, his first confidante!

Moreover, his success on the stages of France is among the most essential! His songs evoke a share of sensitivity and strong emotion . In short, Slimane managed to touch the hearts of his fans!

The arrival of Esmeralda changed her life!

Slimane, who became a father in January 2022! This big character shared his happiness on the network. The latter also has shows joy by posting several pictures of him and his baby! Indeed, it is the arrival of his daughter in the world!

Pour lui, Emerald changed his life for ever ! According to her words, no one can replace her place in her heart. Especially since he strongly emphasized the difference between his love for his loved ones and his love for this one!

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We can say then that his coming has changed his point of view in relation to life. Effectively, its confident Vitaa supported him! An exchange of love and reciprocity strengthened their friendship. Especially since the singer has had more maternal experiences!

On the other hand, the arrival of Slimane's daughter was not easy! His early birth destabilized his state of health . The singer therefore overcame difficulties during these long months! Check out the details below!

Slimane: Turned upside down by this painful circumstance!

Slimane mentioned his worst frustrations during its interview ! According to him, Esmeralda weighs only 1.6 kg after birth. And he was really worried about his health.

Be aware that the baby's life was in danger in this difficult situation! Indeed, the risk is more present in babies under 2 kg!

How did she survive after this great risk? Thanks to the love of her dad, Esmeralda is currently in good health . The latter took his responsibility as a father to improve the state of health of his daughter!

Slimane has also shared photos of them on Instagram. Indeed, the singer has shown attachment to his first daughter! A beautiful endless story for the artist!