Smoked salmon: why is it advisable to avoid lemon?

modified: 2022-12-31 13:30:01

If you are used to pairing smoked salmon with lemon, you will have to rethink this culinary preference.

  Smoked salmon: why is it advisable to avoid lemon?

You probably know the traditions of the end of the year celebrations in France . Especially in the culinary field. Whether it's foie gras, Yule log, shrimp or smoked salmon. End-of-year meal classics that many other countries dream of. However, you should know that there are culinary associations that are best avoided. For smoked salmon, there are therefore recommendations for consuming this specialty well. And this, without ruining it. You should know that combining smoked salmon and lemon is one of the things to avoid. We'll explaine everything here !

Smoked salmon: a must for the holiday season

For many French people, the end of the year celebrations are synonymous with family meals . There are many traditions here. And this, whether cultural or culinary. Parties sometimes seem to last forever. Between endless meals, long discussions or simply family reunions. I have to say that endless meals matter lots of dishes. Whether appetizers, starters, fish, main course, cheese or dessert. And all that, with various foods. Whether it's foie gras, Yule log, shrimp or smoked salmon.

As explained, among the foods found during these end-of-year holiday meals, there is smoked salmon. This food constitutes one of the must of these meals. Indeed according to the figures of the site, salmon records a turnover at more than 500 million euros . A holiday staple. However, you should know that it should not be prepared anyhow. Indeed, there exists of the recommendations for consuming this specialty properly. And this, without ruining it .

Why should you avoid adding lemon?

It turns out there is well-known culinary associations that should still be avoided . Indeed, many specialists quoted by the magazine of our colleagues from She highlighted a mix to avoid. Smoked salmon and lemon. According to these experts, this mixture should be removed from your plans for end-of-year meals . Thus, it is necessary to avoid putting lemon, the historical partner, on smoked salmon. The reason remains very simple, even logical. Indeed, the citrus fruit will have a cooking effect on the flesh of the fish. Thus, it will undoubtedly change the taste of smoked salmon. According to Didier Trentacosta, the founder of the 'Around salmon' shops, this mixture would 'break its taste'. Our colleagues from then reminded them that it was better avoid this culinary mix at the end of the year. And this, to preserve the good taste of the salmon.

For people who do not wish to turn back on this tradition, there are still solutions. Although experts are pushing to stop mixing lemon with smoked salmon, there are exceptions and conditions to follow. First, you can, if you wish, baste the fish just before eating it . And this, to prevent it from penetrating the flesh. Above all, you should not put a slice or quarter of lemon directly on the fish. This will undoubtedly have an effect on the fish and therefore risk of altering the taste . The founder of the 'Around the salmon' shops, Didier Trentacosta, therefore wanted to recommend other interesting culinary mixtures. For example, just add a pinch of pepper . This technique will bring out all the good flavors of the smoked salmon. You choose !

Source : RTL