Social aid: automatic payment of the CAF, the French concerned by the device

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It was during his presidential campaign that Emmanuel Macron proposed the automatic payment of social assistance. The departments concerned.

  Social aid: automatic payment of the CAF, the French concerned by the device

For an experiment that begins in 2023, the government chose 3 social aids with a large number of beneficiaries. The aim is for all eligible people to receive their benefits automatically. You should know that the CAF deplores the rate of non-use of its social assistance. Details in this article.

What is solidarity at the source?

Solidarity at source has the same objective as tax deduction at source. Indeed, it consists of simplifying and automating payments. As it happens, social assistance of the CAF , the MSA or Pôle Emploi .

In details, here the goals the government is trying to achieve :

  • Reduce the rate of non-recourse: nearly a third of social assistance recipients do not claim their right. As a result, around 10 billion euros are sleeping in the CAF fund.
  • Simplify the administrative procedures to lighten the beneficiaries.
  • Curb social fraud
  • Lower the costs

In short, the reform aims to allocate social assistance to those who are really entitled to it. If on paper it looks simple, this reform is nevertheless technically complicated .

Even if only for payment , significant work is required. Without what, resource harmonization and data recovery with administrations and employers would be hellish.

The social aid concerned

As we said, only 3 social aids were selected to carry out this experiment in 2023. These are monthly grants received by a very large number of French people.

Here are the social aids for experiment with automatic payment :

  • The active solidarity income or RSA : this is aid paid monthly by the CAF or the MSA as a minimum income.
  • The activity bonus: this is aid paid by the CAF or the MSA to encourage eligible people to resume a professional activity.
  • Personalized housing assistance or APL: this is housing assistance for low-income households paid by the CAF or the MSA.

If there are only 3, these social aids nevertheless include 90% of recipients . In concrete terms, this represents approximately 20 million French people. We understand better why the State chose them to experiment with automatic payment.

If the idea may seem revolutionary to you, think again. For good reason, this is not a first. In effect, many other social aids already know about automatic payment. We can mention in particular:

  • The back-to-school allowance (ARS)
  • The exceptional purchasing power bonus
  • Noël's prime
  • Etc.

You may have noticed the constant. Unlike the RSA, for example, these other social benefits are punctual. That is to say, we only get them once a month . From 2023, the government wants to apply the same principle with so-called regular aid. Here, in this case, they are monthly .

List of zero non-recourse territories

Recall that it was in September 2022 that the Minister of Solidarity, Autonomy and Disabled People, Jean-Christophe Combe, talked about it for the first time . At the time, the minister revealed the number of departments where the experiment would take place.

Here is the 19 departments to experiment with automatic payment of the 3 social aids mentioned above:

  • aisne
  • Aveyron
  • Bouches-du-Rhone
  • Côte-d’Or
  • Dig
  • Your
  • Ille-et-Vilaine
  • Loire Atlantique
  • Loiret
  • Mayenne
  • metropolis of Lyon
  • North
  • Pyrenees-Atlantiques
  • The meeting
  • Seine-Saint-Denis
  • Sum
  • Vosges
  • Yonne
  • Yvelines

These departments are called the “Zero non-recourse territories”. And it is in 2023 that the experiments will be set up. As you will have understood, if the results are convincing, then the government counts generalize the automatic payment of social assistance in all of France. This within 2 years.

CAF: how to obtain social aid?

France is one of the countries in Europe and even the world to have a most generous social model . The proof, the French have a wide range of social assistance to support their purchasing power.

That said, how do you benefit from it? Should I request it? Where ? In fact, everything depends on the social benefits we are talking about. For those of the CAF, it is necessary follow certain administrative procedures which can discourage more than one.

As for the conditions of attribution, there are, of course. Again, everything will depend on social assistance. However, in general, in addition to questions on civil status, the absence of resources or the existence of low income is obligatory.

To find out what social assistance you can claim, you can use the simulator on the CAF website . In doing so, in a few clicks, you will know if you are eligible and how much you can receive depending on your situation.

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