Social aid: RSA, APL… this unexpected government announcement for the French!

modified: 2022-09-12 14:14:01

A timely boost has just fallen from the National Assembly. Most households in France can now benefit from certain social aids in order to combat the general rise in prices.

  social aids

Many people overlook or don't care about the social benefits they can get. It must be said that besides the tons of forms to fill out and the consequent waste of time, the amount is not worth it. But the economic policy called “solidarity at the source” is intended to be an adequate solution to improve the well-being of everyone.

Social aid explained by the minister!

A few months ago, a text by law aimed at improving the purchasing power of the French people was voted and promulgated by the National Assembly. In this way, it is much easier to carry out the redistribution of national wealth. A more than relevant fact, since people agree that the social elevator in France has broken down.

At the same time, the number of social aids available to households is forgotten by all. There are so many that just looking around will make you spoiled for choice. Yet you have the essential criteria to fully enjoy it.

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Hence the idea of government to set up a banking system for the payment automatically from these neglected welfare aids. Moreover, this is an electoral promise made by Emmanuel Macron. According to the Minister, the project would be effective during the year 2023.

Forget the paperwork to fill out and the long queues to apply for or renew this or that social assistance. Today, you can take full advantage of social assistance, without having to leave your home. But of course, a project of this magnitude requires careful preparations and a trial phase.

How is the realization of the project going?

The allocations , activity bonuses and solidarity income available in France are plentiful. To know the details, it is not enough to inquire on the Web.

Of the online simulators are offered in order to verify eligibility, the conditions to be met and the sum procured. In addition, it is also recommended to call on a professional in the public service to better ensure this.

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Always according to minister Jean-Christophe Combe, the social aid that will be automatically paid only concerns the activity bonus, the APL and the RSA. This is only temporary to better understand the effectiveness of the new economic policy .

On the other hand, the project cannot yet reach the entire French territory. Nevertheless, about 20 million people will be able to benefit from it within two years. A figure that constitutes no less than 90% of French people.

Social assistance in figures!

For low-income households, social assistance which can reach the amount of 100 euros can solve many problems. problems . And if they are combined with family allowances or assistance for the youngest, parents can aspire to more projects. huge proportion .

Personalized housing assistance or APL deserves to be mentioned more specificly. This is a measure taken so that everyone can enjoy a decent home. And this, with regard to his ability to rent or acquire one.