Social assistance should be increased in 2023, very good news!

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Social aid must be upgraded for 2023! In 2021, retirement rose by 1.1% and what about 2023?

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Last year, one of the social aids increased by 1.1% in France! And for this year, the State has further upgraded the case of retirees. However, inflation continues to affect the lives of citizens at daily ! In addition, in 2023, the government will introduce an increase for social assistance. As an estimate, family allowances and alimony will be the preferred and upgraded areas. The details !

Social benefits: The rise in the cost of living affects the lives of citizens!

In France, inflation is approaching many economic and social activities . Daily reality also forces us to adapt to this difficult circumstance. On the other hand, this increase in the cost of living seriously affects some areas of social assistance.

Social benefits such as family allowances and retirement are then the most affected by this inflation. Namely that the rate of unemployment high is also one of the destabilizing factors of the country. However, the life of pensioners and of large families must be taken into consideration.

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To recycle the operation of these social aids, the government should determine the need of the people ! It should also be noted that this change will apply to retirees and benefit recipients. As a reminder, the State has already distributed part of this subsidy last year during the summer.

In 2021, retirement increased by 1.1% for stabiliser life of pensioners. And this at the beginning of summer! For family allowances, an increase was also taken into account in view of persistent inflation. On the other hand, the economic situation of these citizens keeps getting worse .

Implementation of a revaluation system!

Bruno Le Maire is fully aware of the current case of these victims of inflation. At a meeting granted by the National Assembly of budget corrigendum, some changes have been rectified for the area of ​​social assistance.

A promise of a percentage increase , he said during this meeting ! And it seems that this change will be valid for family allowances and retirement. Why did they conduct an internal analysis regarding these social benefits?

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According to our colleagues Les Échos on Sunday, this social assistance program will materialize on January 1, 2023 for alimony . Among other things, this project of revaluation is already included in 'the social security financing law'.

Indeed, the State will also study family allowances to see if the workforce corresponds at percentage rate estimated for next year. See details recently confirmed by the state!

Social aid: The estimated percentages for the year 2023!

To remedy the current case of inflation, social assistance regarding the retirement will be carried out at the beginning of next year with a percentage of 1.7% .

And it seems that this figure will also apply to family allowances! However, this will still be an estimate.

To a large extent, the calculations made by the National Assembly on the amending budget are definitely linked to inflation.

Moreover, this is dedicated to all correspondents social aid. This anticipation is therefore confirmed to value access to a certain stability pensioners and welfare recipients.