Social assistance: this is why the government wants to set up automatic payment!

modified: 2022-09-16 19:19:02

From 2023, an experiment will be set up in the context of social assistance. This is intended to automatically pay them.

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As the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, promised during his campaign in 2017, the payment of social assistance will be done automatically. The Minister of Solidarity therefore announced that the experimentation is setup. This alternative will begin in 2023.

Social assistance, is automatic payment possible?

The alternative of resource solidarity allows the French to benefit from social assistance. It is in particular set up for those who cannot claim theirs in the absence of registration. administrative .

Indeed, according to the Minister of Solidarity Jean-Christophe Combe, an experiment will be carried out in many regions in France.

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The concept of the experiment will be the automatic payment of certain social aid from the beginning of 2023. We can therefore see the results after two years. This initiative announced by the Minister responsible Autonomy and People with Disabilities is therefore a major reform.

Moreover, the situation, being a government promise, turns out to be a challenge for this former director of the Red Cross.

What income is affected and who is responsible?

It should be noted that approximately 30% of people who receive social assistance do not make a claim. A situation that we can qualify as “abnormal”. Hence the implementation of the payment alternative automatique .

It will first concern the RSA or the income of solidarity active, the activity bonuses and the APL or personalized housing assistance. This alternative is specially set up to help those who do not receive all or part of their rights and benefits.

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These three incomes are paid by the CAF or the family allowance funds. Their scope goes as far as the recovery of social assistance from approximately 20 million French people, i.e. 90% of recipients . It is therefore obvious that for the moment, the AAH or the Disabled Adult Allowance does not come into play.

In addition, note that this reform aims to cover the payment of 15 to 20 hours of work per week, in different departments.

Social assistance, why automatic payment?

The goal of the alternative “solidarity to the resource” is to pay social assistance without going through ambiguous procedures and laborious tasks.

Indeed, the study of the direction of research, evaluation, study and statistics, known by the acronym drees, shows that 750 million euros of allowance was not claimed in 2017. The amount is particularly high for RSAs. The reason being the lack of information.

The automatic payment of social assistance also makes it possible to fight against fraud . In addition, industrial costs resulting from calculation errors will thus be minimized and the system more secure.

It should be noted that the implementation of the alternative will be done gradually, from territory to territory. territory . Its application is indeed complex. It is first necessary to harmonize the resources then to recover the various data of the administrations and the employers.