Social assistance: what changes from today for your purchasing power

modified: 2023-01-01 16:06:02

At the beginning of each year, many things change. Regarding social assistance, here is what changes on January 1, 2023.

  Social assistance: what changes from today for your purchasing power

January 1 marks the beginning of a year. It also marks many changes in our daily lives. Given the current crisis situation, several new social aids will be applied in 2023. However, this does not mean that the social aid for the year 2022 will no longer apply.

The old and the new social aids all have the same goals . They aim to reduce the impact of inflation citizens while boosting their purchasing power. In this article, takes stock of the new social aids that will impact our daily lives from January 1, 2023 .

Social benefits of 2023

Given the level of inflation, many are social assistance provided in 2022 . Among them are:

  • The exceptional back-to-school bonus
  • prime inflation
  • Energy vouchers.

In addition to these social aids, most of which are extended until 2023 , here are the new social aids:

Versement des pensiones alimentaires via CAF

As of January 1, 2023, the payment of child support will be controlled by Aripa . The latter is an organization attached to the family allowance fund (CAF). In the event of non-payment or not, CAF acts as an intermediary between the parents .

Such a device makes it possible to secure alimony payments. It will also avoid family conflicts. .

A bonus of 6,000 euros for hiring and apprenticeship

To improve access to employment and apprenticeship for young people, the State offers employment assistance . Unlike the year 2022, the amount of this premium is unique for minors and adults under 30 years of age. The amount that the Minister of Labor declared is 6,000 euros . All companies recruiting under a work-study contract will receive this sum.

The work-study contract consists of alternating theoretical learning and practice it within a company. Among the social aids, this one is very little known, however, it is a real advantage for young people. This allows you to learn n job while earning income .

Free condoms for young people aged 18 to 25

From 1 January, condoms will be free in pharmacies . Emmanuel Macron himself made this statement. During his participation in a territorial session of the National Council for Refoundation (CNR) Health in Fontaine-le-Comte (Vienne) on December 8, 2022, he announced:

“In pharmacies, the condom will be free for 18-25 year olds. It will start on January 1. It is a small prevention revolution. »

Social assistance: other changes for 2023

It is not just social assistance that will change in 2023. More financial aid and measures will also evolve. Here is a non-exhaustive list of everything that changes on January 1, 2023.

  • Regarding pollution and recycling
  • End of disposable tableware in fast food
  • A new life for used and broken products

All plastic packaging waste in the yellow bin.

Regarding consumption

  • Removal of the red stamp
  • Fight against abusive canvassing: Untimely and abusive calls will be further regulated
  • Clothing: the country of origin displayed on the label
  • WhatsApp : many smartphones will no longer be able to use it

For salary and tax

  • Increase in the minimum wage
  • New tax scales
  • End of housing tax

About transportation

  • Elimination of the rebate at the pump
  • New aid for low-income workers
  • Help with carpooling
  • The aid for the purchase of an extended bicycle
  • The price of train tickets will increase
  • Increase in the price of public transport in many cities: In Paris, Lyon, Nice or Clermont-Ferrand

Social benefits: changes to housing

  • Ban on renting thermal colanders
  • Evolution of subsidies for energy renovation works
  • The extended tariff shield
  • Linky counter: possible penalties if you refuse it

Changes affecting money

  • Revaluation of basic pensions
  • Increase in PEL
  • Revision of wear rate
  • Increase in toll prices

All these changes will impact your daily life during this year 2023. These social aids have only one main objective: to limit the effects of galloping inflation. On the sidelines of the presentation of the PLF 2023, the Minister of the Economy wrote:

'Our absolute priority, I repeat, is to bring down inflation which will remain at a high level in the coming months, around 6%, before returning to around 4% during the course of the year. 2023”.

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