Sophie Davant: at 59, she admits and assumes having had cosmetic surgery

modified: 2023-01-24 20:02:02

Sophie Davant confessed to having resorted to cosmetic surgery to be presentable. Discover his confidences on this subject.

  Sophie Davant: at 59, she admits and assumes having had cosmetic surgery

At the age of 60, the host of the show « Deal Concluded » always stay radiant . Indeed, at each of her appearances, Sophie Davant always makes people talk about her whether by her outfits or by her freshness . But what is his secret ? Will she have resorted to cosmetic surgery to stay so young? The main concerned admitted that yes. Here are his secrets.

A whole file for well-being

Sophie Front will celebrate its 60th anniversary on May 19, 2023 . At this age, the host shows herself without taboos and also not afraid to bring up his age and physical changes .

During an interview or even through her magazine “S”, the sexagenarian do not hesitate to confide with frankness . Moreover, on the occasion of the 2 years of the magazine, Sophie Davant chose to dedicate a whole dossier to well-being .

As a reminder, the notebook 'Well in his age' wants to be a guide both psycho , fashion and beauty for women.

'Lots of news with advice from the best experts, testimonials from women, and tips for feeling good,' she revealed in the caption of an Instagram post highlighting the 14th issue of 'S' magazine. .

Sophie Davant had surgery

Recently, Sophie Davant agreed to confide in cosmetic surgery . Without filter, she then answered the questions and in a completely uninhibited way. The presenter of the program “Affaire Conclue” has made it known that she is in favor of cosmetic surgery and did not necessarily hide from having used it .

'I don't like the hypocrisy of this environment. A girl who does TV, who at my age and who says she does nothing, it's impossible, ”she sincerely confessed.

Indeed, Sophie Davant is not against aesthetic medicine techniques and cosmetic surgery. On the other hand, she would like people to talk about it without complex.

For her part, the sexagenarian ensures that cosmetic surgery is a good way to overcome physical complexes . However, the pretty blonde advises her followers not to fall into “the trap of wanting to stay young at all costs, of wanting to fight the slightest wrinkle. You have to choose the right techniques and the right doctors so that the result remains attractive and natural”.

Sophie Davant: 'I have to be presentable'

That's not all ! Sophie Davant then went on to say:

“Do cosmetic surgery to completely transform myself, no, but to improve what may displease, why not. Today there is a battery of formidable aesthetic devices. When you do an image job, I don't see why you wouldn't tap into that. »

If the host does not seem to mention the techniques to which she succumbed during this interview, she had mentioned it in 2021 in her book 'Everything that reads us'. She told have already had “a few injections of Botox and hyaluronic acid” .

This practice allows, as a reminder, to show plumper skin , with fewer wrinkles. She confided by saying:

“I don't see why there are so many unsaid words and lies around this. I don't see why we wouldn't take it. I do an image job, I have to stay presentable. »

Accused of having redone her breasts

While Sophie Davant did not indicate the techniques to which she succumbed, Internet users had a little id ee. As a reminder, Sophie Davant and William Leymergie made the cover of Paris Match , Thursday, August 11, 2022.

On vacation, they appear as we have never seen them before: in swimsuits and on a paddle, more accomplices than ever. He was enough to make Internet users react .

In the water as on the beach of Ramatuelle, Sophie Davant and William Leymergie are fulfilled . In the photos that we discover in the magazine, they even seem to exchange tender gestures.

Some Internet users, seeing the photo, violently criticized the appearance of Sophie Davant , in her olive green one-piece swimsuit. We could then read:

“She made a detour to her plastic surgeon before going paddleboarding”, “But what are these breasts? or even “Well she took big implants…”

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