Sophie Davant: the presenter of Deal concluded attacked on her look

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On January 10, 2023, Sophie Davant appeared with a new look to present a new special program “Deal concluded”.

  Sophie Davant: the presenter of Deal concluded attacked on her look

On Tuesday 10 January, Sophie Davant was at the helm of a new show in prime time devoted to iconic objects of the 20th century. On this occasion, this great friend of Caroline Margeridon and her fellow buyers and auctioneers disguised themselves as they were at the time of the objects presented during the auction . Unfortunately, Sophie Davant's outfit did not win unanimous support from fans .

Sophie Davant: she changes her look

Sophie Davant shows very recently her magnificent looks on the set of the show “Affaire Conclue” . Very fan of fashion, the fifties do not hesitate to appear radiant whether in one, pants, on his Instagram account.

On January 10, 2023, once again, the host decided to go out to change her look and post it on social media. She posted a photo of herself in a very 60s style with a little red dress and a matching jacket, as well as high boots. The one who is 59 years old also posed to reveal her hair makeover .

With a scarf tied around her head, she has curvy hair and a visible lock . The result dazzled internet users.

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Netizens' reviews

During an interview with Télé-Loisirs, Sophie Davant had explained :

“We shot all that in one day, we had to change outfits, hairstyles, makeup eight times. It was pretty tough for the teams. »

The main concerned nevertheless promises viewers that they will be able to admire it with long hair. Fans should arm themselves with a little patience because on January 10, 2023, Sophie Davant first took advantage of her change of look .

A metamorphosis that did not delight some , you have to say. Indeed, many people have criticized this outfit and in particular the length of the dress that they judged too short . Sophie Front was also treated to a flood of very sexist remarks .

“We forgot to put on a stocking after concluding our deal? ', 'A little short for his age, it's vulgar', 'Ridicule doesn't kill, at his age', 'A little short...', 'Hide all that from me, Sophie!' Leave this privilege to your daughter…”, “She is no longer old enough to dress like a kid. You have to assume your age ma'am' or 'It would be classier, a little longer for the dress. »

Sophie Davant: target of criticism

This is not the first time that Sophie Davant is the victim of remarks . She has been the target of criticism from Internet users because of her dog, but that's not all! The host also faces sexist remarks on social networks. Comments to which she does not respond.

During an interview with Télé Star magazine in 2021, she revealed the content of some hurtful reviews of which it is the subject.

'I'm entitled to inappropriate comments like: 'She is typed', 'She should be lifted'', she said.

She then added saying:

“As I am very sensitive, gratuitous criticism hurts me. But when they don't concern my look, I always take them into account. »

Present on the air for more than 30 years, Sophie Davant had its share of acid remarks over the years. Internet users accused her of redoing her eyelids or lips . For her part, the one who had a bad experience of her divorce with Pierre Sled claims to have only used Botox .

“I can be destabilized by wickedness”

That said, this is not the first time that Sophie Davant talks about the criticism she faces on social media .

“Between us, I am extremely sensitive, I can be destabilized by wickedness. I'm like everyone else, I have a heart. (…) I confess that I will not look too much, because it hurts me, ”she said.

She then concluded saying :

“The more successful we are, the more we are watched and the higher the percentage of dissatisfied people, that seems logical. I know very well that I have neither the physique nor the face of a 20-year-old kid. But I try to be a kind of role model for women my age. »

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