Sophie Davant: these objects that she herself bought in Affaire Conclue

modified: 2023-01-01 14:02:02

In Affaire concluded, Sophie Davant also had a crush on certain objects that she adored.

  Sophie Davant: these objects that she herself bought in Affaire Conclue

Sophie Davant was able to engage exclusively with our colleagues from TV Star in an issue that will be out this Monday . In the latter, the host was still able to admit that in Affaire concluded, certain objects completely conquered him. So much so that she herself decided to buy them back from the buyers of the show. We'll explaine everything here.

Sophie Davant, a familiar face

Sophie Davant remains a well-known woman in the world of television. The latter has been exhibiting her face there for many years now. While at the beginning, she seemed to start in the Télématin show, it has evolved a lot . Since the beginning of her career, she has known how to show her character and impose herself in the world of the small screen. A great success.

Thus, we were able to find Sophie Davant in many other programs than only Télématin. We were able to see her present many side shows like Fort Boyard alongside Patrice Laffont. But you could also see her in A Whole History or even the Telethon. It turns out that every year, she can animate the latter alongside another great animator, Nagui . But since 2017, she has added a new program, Affaire Conclue, to her list.

Deal concluded, the project

Indeed, since 2017, Sophie Davant remains at the helm of her show Affaire concluded, broadcast on France 2. The concept of this show is simply to come and sell an object . Everyone can take what they want, and see how high the prices can go. So it's still an auction. Of course, these objects are displayed in front of buyers.

This program concept proposed by Sophie Davant seems to have given a boost to the flea markets which have returned to vogue since then. But, if the flea markets start to work well again, it remains, because the show also seems to have a good audience. So much so that we can find various versions of the show, and even special episodes found in Prime Time . It even seems that the next episode will be broadcast on Tuesday January 10 from 9 p.m. on France 2.

And that remains well with the broadcast of this prime time in mind that Sophie Davant has decided to promote it. She was therefore able to grant an exclusive interview to our colleagues from Télé Star . But, during this interview full of revelations, she was able to talk about certain objects in particular. It turns out that as an animator, she sees all the objects passing by. But she is not one of the potential buyers. And yet, she ended up acquiring some of them.

The repurchase

Indeed, the objects are presented in front of a band of buyers. But, Sophie Davant is therefore not one of them. Yet when faced with objects she actually desires, she finds the off-camera way to have them. She tells our colleagues that “ I happened to crack once for a lamp, for small tables too. Generally, I buy them back from buyers who do not make a capital gain on this occasion. I become attached to people and objects around me. Since doing this show, I have learned a lot, such as how to spot the exceptional. But I don't go to flea markets, it reminds me too much of work ”.

But, if Sophie Davant has therefore dropped the flea markets, it does not remain without counting on her work. In this way, she still manages to unearth some small nuggets and without taking up her personal time. ! What good deals.

Source : TV Star