Spectacular diet: he loses 34 kg in 10 months with this infallible method!

modified: 2022-09-29 13:33:13

This Tiktoker reveals a diet that apparently allowed him to lose 34 kg in the space of 10 months! The details !

  Spectacular diet

This young Australian seems to have found the most effective slimming diet there is! Proof of this is that the boy managed to lose 34 kg. And this, in just 10 months. It turns out that such a spectacular transformation was made possible thanks to a rather special technique. In addition, the man admits that he did not need to go to the gym. But what is its secret? He reveals it publicly via a video Tik Tok! We give you all the details in the following lines!

Diet: Thanks to this method, this man lost 34 kg in just 10 months!

Mike Jay, an influential personality, is talking about himself on the TikTok social network! Apparently, the man has embarked on a challenge of the most spectacular . In fact, his goal was to lose 34 kg in 10 months .

Having caught everyone's attention, her story was later reported in a Daily Mail article. And we must admit that this young boy deserves all the applause he is currently receiving!

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2 years ago, Mike Jay was complexed by his physical appearance! And he did not fail to underline how difficult this period was for him. In July 2020, the famous TikTokeur weighed in the vicinity of “ 124 kg '. Since then, the man has ceased to weigh .

Even looking at himself in front of the mirror has become a task that requires a lot of courage! However, the man finally realized that he could no longer live in this kind of condition. This is why he embarked on a rather special diet four months later!

A non-negotiable routine!

Mike Jay is a committed man! And that shows in the motivation he shows when following his diet. Following what he revealed, the young boy was apparently following a HIIT workout for 30 minutes every morning, seven days a week.

The TikTokeur also did not fail to specify that it was a “non-negotiable” habit. In other words, Mike must stick to his routine daily even in the most difficult times!

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To support his remarks, the man shared a glimpse of his diet via a TikTok video. On November 15, the influencer admitted to having completed a session training during which he managed to burn 428 calories in 29 minutes!

His method is very simple. He alternates his sessions 45 seconds of exercise high intensity followed by a 15 second pause. The same cycle is repeated for 30 minutes!

Diet: “I lost nearly 11 kg in one month”!

In addition to his intensive exercise routine, Mike Jay claims to have supported his diet by adopting a balanced diet ! « In limiting the amount of sugars and things that I ate, I lost almost 11 kg in one month”, he had proudly specified!

By following this diet, the process of her weight loss accelerated further. Proof that he lost 30 kg just five months later!

Mike Jay decided to sort the food as 'good' or 'bad'. 'You just decide what you put in your body and how much you put in it,' he explained. Before saying more: “The most important thing is to find what works for you (…) we do it for ourselves! '.

Besides, know that this video was a hit on TikTok. Indeed, the sequence has been viewed more than 153,000 times in just 48 hours . As we speak, it already has over 187,000 views!

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