Squeezie 'disgusted not to be present' at the big Twitch meeting, he has already been replaced!

modified: 2022-09-25 23:00:01

Squeezie has canceled her participation in the show prepared by Stars on “Twitch”. The man was replaced by another streamer!


On the evening of September 22, Internet users were impatiently waiting distribution of the new edition of “Night at the Museum”. This is' a must see show hosted by Stars, a very well-known streamer on the “Twitch” streaming platform. For this occasion, the youtubeur, Squeezie, was to be one of the guests. But following an unforeseen event, the man had no choice but to cancel participation ! See you in the following paragraphs for more information!

Squeezie, always so popular!

Squeezie is a very famous personality whose presentation is no longer to be done! Everyone knew him through his hilarious videos who hit on YouTube. But do you know that man is also a true fanatic of video games ?

And besides, he does not hesitate to share his passion on the platform streaming platform known as 'Twitch'.

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Twitch is a website that has been around for a long time dedicated to video games and gaming . But now, know that it is now possible to broadcast lives there! It must be said that with the hit of the platform for a few years, it did not hesitate to expand its activities . And Squeezie has established itself in this environment.

Moreover, you can literally find there all content you are looking for. To know cooking sessions , information on swimming pools, hot tubs, etc. In short, you won't be bored!

Stars, a famous streamer who is talked about on “Twitch”!

As we recently presented to you, “Twitch” can contribute to the great happiness of one lots of internet users ! Apart from the various contents broadcast on the platform, be aware that some of them are presented by famous french streamers .

To name just one, we can for example find the famous user known under the pseudonym 'Stars'. A content creator who has already collaborated with Squeezie!

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Very quickly, the “Stars” streamer conquered almost half of Twitch subscribers . This big hit is surely explained by the fact that it is displayed with personalities who have great notoriety.

Indeed, the man has for example already collaborated with Alain Chabat and Samuel Etienne . Or with Squeezie in the show broadcast live, 'The Palace of Versailles'!

Squeezie: 'I finally won't be able to be present for this live'!

The realisation of the third saga of the famous “Night at the Museum” which will be broadcast on Twitch was announced last May. This is a second meeting where the internet users will be able to find Squeezie and Philippe in the gardens of Versailles!

But unfortunately, Squeezie who revealed himself on Youtube could not participate to this book organized by 'Stars'. On September 21, the man spoke on the networks and wrote thus: “I am disgusted, but for personal reasons, I will not be able to be present for this live in the end”!

A cancellation that did not fail to make the web react . Indeed, it was a highly anticipated appearance. However, it is not the absence of Squeezie that will prevent Stars of broadcast his show !

Indeed, the streamer surprised everyone by bringing back another guest. And it was none other than the famous “ Kamel », a personality who also talks about his person in the field of streaming !

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