Star Academy 2023: longer, the next season already announced

modified: 2023-05-11 13:24:04

This fall, the French had the joy of finding the famous show. The success has been such that Star Academy 2023 is already in the works.

  Star Academy 2023

Launched in 2001 on TF1, Star Academy rocked generations of viewers . Also, when the show made its big comeback in October 2022, the public responded. On the Web, Internet users have immediately chosen their favorite academician . But after 6 weeks of adventure, the talented Anisha won the victory. Among all the candidates, some still managed to win unexpected popularity . Thus, even if Léa, Louis or Julien did not finish victorious, they take advantage of great opportunities. Before the great success of the show , TF1 announced that the Star Academy 2023 would soon follow. What to expect in this next edition?

After years of absence, the flagship program of TF1 seems to be revived

A few months ago, this telecrochet still seemed like a distant memory. However, the Star Academy has resumed service on the first channel. And following the very good audiences recorded during the primes and the dailies, the next edition is confirmed .

The public will therefore have the pleasure of finding the castle of Dammarie-es-lys , in Star Academy 2023. Moreover, to the delight of fans, some changes will take place. Besides the candidates, some professors are expected to leave the program. However, some stakeholders such as Michael Goldman or Yanis Marshall will keep their places. To make these choices, the production of Star Academy 2023 relies on Internet users . For example, on Web, they widely admired the pretty Adeline Toniutti, and her singing lessons. Regarding the future team, rumors are still going strong…

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Star Academy 2023: the show will double its duration

This detail had undoubtedly disappointed some fans this year. Indeed, this reality TV program lasted several months during its first seasons. But this year, the schedule of the show had been tightened to 6 weeks . Fans can now be reassured: Star Academy 2023 will last 12 weeks.

This extended duration will allow the public to get to know the students better. Because henceforth, The rest of the broadcast is available live via MyTF1 . Even if this technical innovation may have disappointed some, it represents exciting scenes for Internet users. In the 2000s, we used to follow the daily newspapers to find out about life at the castle. Moreover, this format will remain present in the Star Academy 2023. Nevertheless, for the real addicts, the live allows to see certain details or to better understand the candidates .

The place of international stars in Star Academy 2023

While Robbie William takes on the role of the godfather in 2022 , the guests of the show had sometimes disappointed the public. In question ? French stars for the most part, although far from the world stars that we could meet in the past on the set of Nikos . Attracting big names is becoming more and more for many other French shows, like NRJ Music Awards .

Following the audiences obtained during the last season, However, we can hope that things will change. For the star academy 2023. Moreover, the show will have to continue to improve to satisfy a demanding audience. The last edition proved it to us: some do not hesitate to complain on social networks . What put a lot of pressure on production and TF1.

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