Star Academy: “Everything is fine”: Anisha, big winner of the new season comes out of silence

modified: 2023-02-07 12:26:02

For some time now, fans have found the Star Academy winner to be quiet. This Monday, February 6, she finally breaks the silence.

  Star Academy: “Everything is fine”: Anisha, big winner of the new season comes out of silence

On November 26, 2022, Anisha's life changed. She won the 100,000 euros for the victory of the 'Star Academy'. She also signed with a famous record label. The young singer must probably be very busy. Recently, she was not active on social media at all . His fans, unaccustomed to this silence, were a little worried. This is why, on February 6, she posted a message to reassure them while announcing good news. Explanations.

Anisha prepares a surprise for her fans

Anisha, big winner of the 'Star Academy', disappeared from social networks for a few weeks . His followers on Instagram even started to worry.

On February 6, she just broke the silence through a series of stories on Instagram.

“Hello everyone, I come to give you some news. First of all, thank you so much for your messages and requests for updates,” she wrote on her personal account.

She continues, for reassure your audience :

'The last few days, I haven't been very present on social networks, but everything is fine...', .

Anisha from “Star Academy” then promises:

'I'm preparing a few little surprises for you,'

According to her, a first good news is coming very soon .

“Starting with a new little video this Wednesday,” she promised.

In his post, she hinted at a plane . She does not say more for the moment. A clue that suggests that she is on her way to a new destination .

For the moment, the young artist has not revealed anything on the subject. Maybe Elle a pris un vol en dirección de Madagascar , where she is from. She has not been there for many years. But she suggested a return.

A new life after “Star Academy”?

“Star Academy” is an adventure that Anisha will never be able to forget .

“All the memories are engraved and I only keep the most positive ones. (…) I was able to surpass myself, surpass myself,” she said in an interview in January 2023.

She continued:

“If I had to remember one thing, it would be self-discovery. I believe this is perhaps the greatest evolution of this adventure. »

Both on the personal side and on the artistic side, Anisha has grown a lot .

The young lady signed with Sony Music France , which is a big change in his life.

“I was in school, and suddenly, here I am in a record company. I am surrounded by a wonderful team that accompanies me every day. We manage my schedule, it's incredible! »

The young singer spends most of his days in the studio . With the team of her label, the one who won the 10th season of 'Star Academy' plans to release a new album this year. In the last news, it should be out this spring .

“Otherwise… At the moment, we are still working,” she said on February 6, from a video that reveals her recording studio.

That's not all ! Anisha spend many days writing new songs .

'But we don't forget to create and write whenever the heart tells us to do so,' she says.

The first songs of the winner of the “Star Academy” will be out very soon . As of now, no specific release date is known.

The 'Star Academy' winner is working on an album that looks like her

The former candidate of the “Star Academy” working on a highly anticipated album .

“It will really be an album that will look like me and reflect me. I don't know if I'm going to hire a composer but for sure I'm going to have to work with other people because it's always good to collaborate, 'she said last December.

Anisha a this amazing way to touch people's hearts . She is preparing a sensational album for her fans.

'I just can't wait to share beautiful emotions, a lot of messages of love in this album, and here it is, and especially to be able to bring my influences to it,' she said.

The young talent from the 'Star Academy' wants to offer “something varied” .

'I really like modern folk pop, country, classic rock, I like pop-rock, I like symphonic pop... It will be a challenge, but afterwards, when I say 'folk', you shouldn't put it in a box. It can be pop, but also pop rock, but with a touch of folk. It's my love for the guitar that could play. »

Source : Gala