Star Academy: Léa's secrets about Marc Lavoine and behind the scenes

modified: 2023-01-02 22:56:03

Recently, Léa, whom we were able to discover in the Star Academy, was able to confide in Marc Lavoine.

  Star Academy: Léa's secrets about Marc Lavoine and behind the scenes

It remains on Sunday January 1, that the very young Léa was able to confide in a highlight of her experience in the Star Academy. Indeed, under a lie detector, the young woman was able to talk about her duet with Marc Lavoine . And she was able to talk about how things were able to happen with him behind the scenes. We'll explaine everything here.

Léa in the Star Academy

Thereby, Léa was able to be one of the thirteen young who had the chance to participate in the brand new season of Star Academy. After many years of absence, the famous TF1 show was able to make a comeback. A long-awaited return, but also very appreciated in view of the audiences . If TF1 had only planned six weeks instead of the usual sixteen, it had to be heard. It seems that the channel was worried about not having enough audience.

Fears that quickly went up in smoke in view of the coast that this new season of Star Academy may have had. And among the students, we were able to meet Anisha , the big winner. But also Léa, one of the finalists of the show. The latter seemed to take the role of the diva, which she loves to hold . But even if she did not win the show, she has great memories of it.

So for the first of January, the young woman was able to visit a Youtuber, Mayadorable. The latter was able to ask a whole bunch of questions to Léa about her experience in the Star Academy. So of course, the singer was able to return to a very strong moment, her duet. It turns out that Léa was lucky enough to be able to share the stage with a big name in French music, Marc Lavoine .

A beautiful duo

Indeed, it remains on Saturday November 19 that Léa was able to perform her magnificent duet with Marc Lavoine on the Star Academy stage. Together, they were able to interpret I forgot everything. But despite a small technical problem, the young woman was able to count on the support of the singer . The latter even made him a kiss on the neck to reassure her . But this gesture did not fail to react.

Indeed, a few days after this gesture, Léa from Star Academy was able to come back to this moment. She decided to confide in Télé Loisirs to talk about this gesture. “ I experienced it very well because Marc Lavoine is benevolent . During rehearsals, he reassured me enormously. (…) I loved singing alongside him and I remember my evolution. If I compare this performance with the one I did with Amir , I realize that I have more self-confidence ”.

And even more than a month after finishing Star Academy, Léa maintains the same observation. For her, this gesture of the singer remains a moment of paternal tenderness and not of bad intention. “ I see him as a super endearing, super cute dad . I didn't take it the wrong way at all ”. And precisely, from behind the scenes, the singer seemed very nice. “ During rehearsals, he was super kind . When he left, he introduced me to his children. I thanked him because in the end I was not named. I gave him a big hug . That was really super benevolent, daddy. No weird stuff at all ”.

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